How to host "offline" games that generate no replay

Everything in the title. I want to hide my BO whoring from those 2k+ tryhards ! But they won't tell me how to do ! Not fair !

If you want to just play offline you can just launch FA directly and host a skirmish.

It won't be FAF balance tough, right ?

Sorry, wrong.

If you alt-tab and close the client the public replay will end at that point.
Just tested it (again) and it seems to work.

If you launch this^ it runs off of FAF balance.

This post is deleted!

@Auricocorico i can show you later how to do it

Could you just put a password on your game? Not sure if it works

@karlhoffman said in How to host "offline" games that generate no replay:

Could you just put a password on your game? Not sure if it works

does not work


As an advocate for a reasonable amount of privacy and anonymity it is my duty to inform you of replay breaking methods.

  1. Log out
  2. Click big faf icon
  3. Change replay server port
  4. Log in. Now your FAF client will send replay files to the wrong port and the server will reject them.
  5. Give me a like on the forums

BO whoring intensifies

+1 this issue so it can be implemented

Access to play hided non-vault games for whorebuilding bo's only after 2200 ladder rating, otherwise u to be sure really dont need that, all ur mistakes in ur unit and eco managment or reclaim things and map control. Or not enought expirence to do right instead wrong things. Also right bo's u can teach from pro replays and just copy-pasta. U dont need to create smth cuz u peoples already did best things by their expirence.


How important is this, since the first time you actually use the bo in a situation that matters it will of course be automatically revealed?

@corvathranoob Two situations I can see this actually being useful. One is for tournament prep, and the other, more troll reason, is to catch someone you play vs frequently off guard with suddenly having a better BO. Otherwise yeah kinda useless imo. Even the second reason is a stretch

It is only useful for tourney prep, that’s about the only situation where bos get serious effort put into them.

Still is a nice thing to have for tournament players, though.

Also doesn’t really matter if it gets revealed the first time you play the map, people won’t have the time to incorporate the bo into their gameplay in the middle of a tourney. The main problem is that you could spend 8 hours working on a bo for a tourney map and then some dude logs on, sees your work, spends an hour copying it and maybe refines it even more himself. Just destroys the desire to do any bo work unless you know the mechanics on how to break your replays (which is another barrier to entry for new high tier players).