many recent game crashes


after I made my game work again with the mods I want to have (see it started to crash each game for 3 games in a row. It feels like it always happened with in the moment my first T2 mex finished.


Anyone here who can tell me what is gone wrong?


PS: that is error message I got all the time:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Forged Alliance Crashed with exit code -805306369. See game_14366581.log for more information
at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
at java.base/



And another one :-(. And no ... it does not happen with the first T2 mex. I bothered with units and had already 2 T2 mex as it happened here.

Worked without any mods once ... but can somebody say which mod causes the crashes?

Pretty easy to find out, just chuck on each mod one at a time and test

I was hoping for an easier way except trial and error with all my 12 ui mods ;-).

What is that "reminder" mod u are using?
Maybe swap "Better reclaim view" with "Additional reclaim info" as the latter one has the selection cost thingy already included.
"Reveal positions" can do funny stuff as well and is not really essential.

Well you try with 6 of them first then 3 then 2 then maybe 1....not necessary to do 1 at a time unless you like doing it the long way

You can speed up testing if you set speed to "variable"

Then you can host a sandbox game and crank speed up to +10 to test out whether the game will crash

@arma473 @Reckless_Charger I know both "tricks"/optimizations .... but thx anyways.

@Amygdala What do you mean with "reminder"? See screenshot for my current wanted mods. I cannot find anything like "Additional reclaim info", but you propably mean "Advanced reclaim info"? I will try that.


@lldaedalusll Yes that was a typo. I meant the "Advanced reclaim info" mod.
About the reminder. I got it from you log ->
"info: DISK: AddSearchPath: 'c:\programdata\faforever\user\my games\gas powered games\supreme commander forged alliance\mods\reminder', mounted as '/mods/reminder/'"
The reminder thingy seems to be your notifications v5.2 mod.

It turned out to be caused by an old version of selection deprioritizer. However I had "Selection Deprioritizer 4.1" installed, but the "Selection Deprioritizer" is more recent and works fine. Its settings are a bit different, but I will manage it.

By doing some fast games vs. AI with some mods turned off I found that the crash always happens in the moment of unit selection. That pointed me towards this mod.

I will play some more real games next friday to finally verify that it works again. Thx for the support :-).


I saw you are unsing AIPersonality: (medium)

In case you want an easy AI (or a better AI than Sorian) could you test my AI ?
its the first mod in the list:

The Easy AI needs some balance and is not finished.
I am happy for every feedback you can give.
(you can also PM me in german if this is easier for you)

@Uveso I have no interrest in games vs. AI. I just used those games to diagnose game crashes with an UI mod. I did not bother at all about the AIs performance and mine wasn't the best for sure as well. I just wanted to crank fast games to test game stability with various mods at high game speed.

I could give you some kind of comparison (better/harder or not) ... but my opinion whether the AI is right is worth a shit due to basically no experience. Do you want that?

No, i don't whant that 😄
I was searching for a beginner in AI play.

Then i can only advertise the debug function from my AI mod.
You can set a endless loop for games, so it will restart the session after the game is over.
It will also log additional script tasks / memory using information for debugging.