UI-Mod selection on game creation


I have 2 PCs I play FAF on ... and one is new and so I had to set up everything from scratch shortly.

On that new pc I have the same UI-mods as on that old one. But when I create a new custom game (with the downlord client 1.4.3), the mods selection however deselects some of the mods I want to have running. I have to select them again each time when creating a new game on that new pc.

On the old one however all the mods I want to have are selected by default. Selecting them once and creating/running a game does not save that however :-(.

What can I do to get the same behaviour on both PCs? How to make all the mods I want to have to be selected by default?



I found the solution by myself :-).

Mods => Manage active mods => select the wanted defaults => click outside of the window to save it.


Well ... not fixed yet :-/.

When starting a lobby the mods are not selected in that lobby, even though they were selected on game creation in downlords client. I have to manually select them there and with the next game the default on game creation has changed back the original state (see screenshot in first post).

Any ideas how to fix that?


did you copy paste your game.prefs file from your old installation to your new one? Things like modified hotkeys and build templates are stored in there (so you dont need to set them all up again). The file also contains info about your active mods (at the very end of the file) which should come in handy in your current situation. (friendly adivse, always make a backup of the .prefs file before you fiddle around with it)

This may be an issue with file permissions on the prefs file in that the client cannot change it on the new setup.

To copy stuff over from my old PC was the way I broke it here. I now deinstalled downlords client and tried to clean all remainders of it. With a clean install and all mods installed again from the vault it now really works like a charm.