Can't change forum profile picture

I can remove my uploaded image and go back to the default pfp (like i am now) but every time i go to upload a new image, it reverts back to my old one. I've tried deleting cookies, signing in and out, nothing is working for me 😞

Send me the image over Discord, I'll see if I can change it for you

try this:

1. upload picture



2. copy the location


3. edit profile


4. change picture


5. upload new via URL


6. paste the copied location


7. crop picture and upload it


8. done


If it is does not work, blame the site programmer

That did not work, it still has my old pfp (the one i have on right now) saved in it's cache for whatever reason. I also tweaked the image, saved it as both a png and jpg, neither worked. Eternal's didn't work either

Right now, to me, the image for your name is the same as Eternal's. @Cascade

He aint lying.

Delete cache/cookie for that site

Interesting. So i've deleted my cookies and image caches again, and I could see that my pfp did change. So it's certainly something to do with my Chrome browser. on my end I still see eternal's avatar on my profile but you guys should see something else. I'll just have to clear my caches everytime i want to change something on here. thanks guys 😄

Nope. I still see Eternal's image here. When I opened your profile in a new window, I still see Eternal's image.

When I opened your profile page in a "private" browser window, I see a different image, like a box of dishwasher detergent.

very weird. @arma473 that is the picture i currently have set. Btw everything looks fine on my end at the moment