Why would you have left FAF?

I'm with Red here, it is getting a bit personal. I understand both sides, because a high rating simply looks scary and ppl wil automatically play different until they realise it's e.g. Gap or Astro rating and doesn't say anything. For the ones who know it it's obvious.
But don't forget that type of input is exactly what we do want here / what the thread is about to notice further flaws or in general problems in the system, even though this specific one is none of them.

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

@sladow-noob said in Why would you have left FAF?:

even though this specific one is none of them.

I mean it still is a problem though?
The problem is just not that their rating should be different, but that it's hard to tell how accurate their global rating is, for the current gamemode.

Maybe as was suggested display percentages for most played maps in player profiles? So you know on which maps you can expect the most from this player and on which maps he isn't strong.

Or maybe add more matchmaker queues for the most popular played gamemodes / maps? (astro, dual gap, setons)
To 1. get them a seperate rating and 2. bring more people from custom games to the matchmaker, where they don't have to commit to either sitting in an astro or 3v3 lobby, but can instead queue both and see which fills faster.

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Step 1: Stupid post

Step 2: Attack them so they reply

Step 3: "Gee man that's a whole lotta posts, why don't you just quit?"

I swear it's like you guys want the game to be even more dead than it already is. It was a stupid post, I get it, you can stop now.

my fault, i misread the situation. my apologies for the harassment

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I’ve been playing for a long time, and tried to bring friends. However, the story always ended with the fact that a person could not overcome the barrier of complexity of entry and the jungle of the interface.
This game needs some kind of sandbox for newbies, where they could get help in mastering the interface and game mechanics.

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This game needs some kind of sandbox for newbies, where they could get help in mastering the interface and game mechanics.

Did your friends try playing all of the story missions from the base game (in the coop tab, all of the missions with a faction logo next to them) starting on easy mode and then medium and then hard mode? That's the closest thing we have to teaching interface and game mechanics.

There is a general consensus that it would be nice if we had more custom missions designed like story missions but intended to teach more lessons (the story missions primarily teach how to use units, they don't teach things like how to take reclaim, the importance of scouting/raiding, being aggressive) that it would be a good thing. BUT it's just too much work, we don't have enough skilled volunteers to make story missions to teach fundamentals of competitive gameplay.

@nex That's why the gamemode exists though. You simply can't tell which global rating is real and which is inflated, I fully agree, but since MatchMaker is quite old the queue-ratings are mostly accurate. There I don't think there is a problem with it, not to mention it gets over time cuz nearly everyone will eventually play.

Also for the played maps you can just look into their replay. Put it on showing 200 at once, scroll down and you alrdy know everything you need to know.

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

@test777 I do agree. FAF is like the hardest RTS to learn that I know of and it takes months for newbies in the RTS-genre to just get decent basics. The trainer team is doing their best when someone wants to learn the best and most suggest the fitting things (e.g. AI, Campaigns, maybe even survival just for fun etc.). I sadly do think though that we cannot make it even easier. There was a guide tab in the client with tutorials to play but it basically never got used.

If you have suggestions of how we can fix that or if you want to elaborate the idea of "sandbox for newbies" more, feel free to DM me via Discord. So far MatchMaker is a nice place for newbies since they can't get kicked, but I have to admit the first 5 games are rough due to the balance.

Required rating for participation in balance talks when?

I believe that losing games won due to constant disconnections from your teammates is a more than valid reason to leave this game. Embarrassing. Imagine losing 7 games in a row because one or more of your teammates crashed or left the game or had a disconnection problem and couldn't reconnect. Last game in dual gap (since apparently, people only play that map): sniping 2 ACU (a mid and the opponent's echo). My mid have a crash. My team's air bot gets nervous and leaves the game. My echo leaves the match. One of my 2 mids, have a crash. My navy, have a crash. Game lost. Really funny. Then you see people with 300-500 ratings playing like a 1200 rating and you understand. I don't want to say, but the project has been operational for more than 10 years and doesn't have a disconnect recovery method? Seriously? How the fuck can you have fun if you stomp your opponents and suddenly your entire team disconnects? The game itself is also beautiful, but managed in such a shitty way that I would prefer to play 3 consecutive runs of Gollum.

The game does have a disconnect recovery method, it's just currently broken. Devs were working on it until they had to urgently move to DDoS mitigation.

I just want newer players (or older ones that forgot) to know that ICE used to allow people to reconnect (fairly) reliably and that a new version of ICE is being developed-but because of malicious third parties work on that is being delayed.