Commander Survival Kit (A new SIM Mod)






Hello everyone,
I'm glad to present you a new Sim Mod for the Game.
It is called the Commander Survival Kit (short C.S.K.)
This Mod introduce these two following new Managers into the Game.


A Reinforcement Manager:
Players are now able to call Reinforcements on the Map.
In Detail you can call Land- or/and Air Reinforcements with this Manager.



A Fire Support Manager:
With this Manager your are able to call additional Fire Support on the Map. For example Artillery Barrages, Air Strikes or Beams.

Air Strike Section:

Artillery Section:

Missile Section:

Beam Section:

Special Section (Second Page):

A ingame Helpcenter:
Here you can find some Video Tutorials for several Questions.
For example How to call Land Reinforcements or Artillery Barrages?


Just as an Decoration Transmissions have found a new Way to be introduced into the Game outside of the Scenario Code.
These Transmssions are from your HQ/Leaders and gives your some useflu Tips or Status Report about both Managers.


8 new Lobbyoptions:
You get access to these 8 new Lobbyoptions:
Reinforcements avaiable in:
Fire Support avaiable in:

You are able to set the Wait Time, Point Generation Rate and Interval and the Maximum of the collectable Points individually of both Managers.

Avaiable Wait Times are:
5 Minutes , 10 Minutes, 15 Minutes to Max 60 minutes

Available Point Generation Rates are:
1, 2 or 3 Points

Available Point Generation Intervals are:
1 Second, 2 Seconds and 3 Seconds.

Options for Maximal Tactical Points are:

1300 Points
1600 Points
2000 Points
2300 Points
2600 Points
3000 Points

Options for Maximal Reinforcement Points are:

2500 Points
3000 Points
3500 Points
4000 Points
4500 Points
5000 Points


Two Point Generation Systems:
The HQ starts to transfer the Reinforcement and Tactical to your ACU after the Wait Times above are over.
You can collect these Points to "buy" Reinforcements or Fire Support Solutions. However always use them wisely.

General Layout Overview:


Background Story:
The Idea for this Mod was coming from the Games:
World in Conflict and Command & Conquer
The Reinforcement Manager was orginally planned as an exclusive Feature for FBP Orbital. A new Space related Mod for the Game, which is currently in Development by myself. However I have decide to make both Managers avialable as an Standalone UI Mod to release them earlier.
So the Commander Surival Kit was born.
This is actually my first large Lua Project for the Game and my first try tow work full scale in Lua Programming.
So the Lua Code behind it is not prefect and can be improved in the future as well. But i will need help in that.

Video Presentation:
Want to check it out more visually instead of Pictures?
No Problem:

These Videos are included as Tutorials in the Helpcenter

Where can I download this Mod?:
On Moddb:

For Steam it requires the Lobby Enhancement Mod 4.6
it is included in the Download as SCD File

And of course on the FAF Modvault:
Search for Commander and you will see it:

For which Gamemodes is this designed for?:
This Mod is primary designed for the FAF Survival Mode.
However it can be used in Skirmish, Multiplayer and Campaign as well.

Regarding to the Campaign:
The two Lobbyoptions and their Wait Times are deactivated in the Campaign so the Point Generation for both Managers will directly start at the Beginning of the Match.
This will give you an additional Backup during the initial Campaign.

What is planned for the Future?
The Mod is of course still in development.
So you can expect some new Updates and Content.

Here is an Overview for the upcoming planned Content:

Naval Reinforcement Manager
With this Manager you will be able to call Naval Units as Reinforcements on the Map

Dropable Turrets (Defenses):
These new Defenses have Enhancement Upgrades and an Defense Engineering System. So you will be able to improve them and build additional Defenses around them.

Dropable Buff Devices:
Some useful dropable Devices will give your land Units or structures several additional benefits. For example additional Health, Weapon dame Increase or more. However these Benefits are temporary and the device will disappear after some time.

The current version only supports the 4 Factions from the Game (UEF, Cybrans, Aeon and Seraphim)
Of course the Nomads will get access to their own Managers as well.

New Reinforcements:
Of course some additional selected Units from other popular Mods will indirectly appear in the Mod as new callabe Reinforcements. For example brewlan, 4th dimension, Blackops and more.

New callabe Fire Support Weapons:
of course the roster of callabe Fire support Solutions will be expanded with new ones.

New Units:
This Mod is orignally not direcly a new Unit Mod.
But it will content some new Units.
For example as an Preview for the next Version:

UEF Experimental Bomber:
Name: Omega 229-A

Render 1.PNG

UEF Tech 3 Heavy Bomber:
Name: B-1265 Preacher

Render 2.PNG

UEF Tech 3 Ground Attack Fighter:
Name: A-50 Thunderbolt


UEF Tech 3 Heavy Transport Plane:
Name: C150 Globebuster


Fixed Issues
Performance Issues causes by the Transmissions
Loud Compatible Issues
Tooltip Issues

Compatible Gameversions:
FAF, Steam and Loud

Known Issues

All in all:
I wish anyone interesting and fun fights with this new Kit for your Commander
Looking forward for your Feedback about this Project.
Any Suggestions, Help, Critism or whatever is welcome.
Share them here, on Moddb or on the offical Discord server.
Stay tuned for more upcoming Updates regarding to this Project.

Best regards

I've downloaded it - impressive collection of units and UI! It takes a bit long to toy around with it, is there a cheat mode of some kind that allows you to order away and see what everything does?

There is an issue with your mod where it drastically reduces the FPS to below 30 for me. I've tried on two different maps. This is with only your mod enabled:



Note that on the last screenshot VSync is enabled, see also the large gaps in the AppFrame graph where the render thread is idling. You can view this data yourself by opening the console and typing in ShowStats and ren_ShowFrameTimes. These commands also work on Steam.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Hey Jip,
you can spawn anything in the Unit Spawn Console if you want to check it out earlier.
For example the Land Reinforcments or each of the Fire Support Stuff.
However for some Fire Support stuff you will need to place some of them in the near of enemy Units.
Not directly above or to far from them. For example Artillery or Missile Barrages.

Check out the Tutorial Videos on Moddb to see how it works in Detail.

Thank you for the fast feedback and help
I have already get several Feedbacks about the Performance Issues now and during the Early Access Stage of this Mod.
On my system the Game is fully working without any Lags for some reason.
It is actually depending on the System/Hardware Conditions of each Player, which are always different.
Personally I think the lag is caused by the included Tutorial Videos, which are playing in the match every time.
i will remove the Helpcenter with its Videos soon and see How it works without it regarding to Performance.
Before i integrate the Helpcenter a few Months ago some Testers have told to me the game works without any Lags.
So I think that is the cause for the low FPS Rate / Lags currently.
I will look into it for sure.

You can use the console commands to confirm your suspicions. Especially the graph is useful in this case, there should be little white dots in the AppFrame graph that indicates it is idling the majority of the time. You can look at the graph before and after the videos, see how it impacts the game.

It likely also impacts your game, but I suspect you have powerful hardware that hides it 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

After testing out a few things
I have found out the Transmissions are the main cause for the Performance Issue.
The Helpcenter and its Tutorial Videos doesn't cause the Performance Issue.
So i will rework the Transmissions and publish a small fix soon.
Stay tuned for it. 😉

I upvoted the OP because I thought the UI icons were nice and well done and then I kept scrolling and saw the new unit models and my jaw just dropped.

I have upload the Fix.
Transmissions has been removed from the Mod.
So the Performance should be better now.

Version is 4 now in the FAF Modvault.
I just have fixed a few other small Issues regarding to the Helpcenter.

Hello everyone,
I have upload a new small Patch on the FAF Modvault.

Version: 6

The Transmissions are now back and have get an Code rework.
Instead of an Movie they are coming now with an static Faction Logo.


This will prevents the Game for Performance Issues caused by the Transmissions.
The Helpcenter is the only UI Element in the Mod now, which plays an Video/Movie.
However the Player is able manage it by the Play and stop Buttons directly.
That was not possible on the old Transmissions and causes these Performance Issues.

If you notice any Perfomance Issues make sure to stop the Hepcenter Tutorial Video.

Best regards

Hello everyone
i have upload a new Patch on the FAF Modvault.

Lets see what is new:

Loud Compatiblity:
For anyone who loves to play Loud.
The Commander Survival Kit is now playable in Loud.
The Unit.lua File which causes an Gamebreaking Issue previously has been reworked. 
The issue has been fixed now and anything works now in all Gameversions

Fix the Missing Tooltip Issue: 
Several UI Elements of the Game had missing Tooltips.
This has been fixed now for all Gameversions.

Known issues:

Lobby Options:
Regarding to the Missing Lobby Options in Loud.
I have contacted the Loud Team to Update their integrated Lobby Enhancment Mod from 4.5 to 4.6.
There are now currently working on it.
So Loud will support new custom  Lobby Options and Tooltips soon.
That means the two new Lobby Options, which are included in this Mod will soon work in Loud.
Stay tuned for more regarding to this.

Strange Prices in Loud:
Some Prices for Reinforcements and Fire Support Weapons have uneven numbers in Loud.This needs to be adjusted probably by an small integrated balance Patch for the Mass Costs  
It will be added in the next version.

Best regards

How this is a UI mod if it alters sim? This should be called as sim one...

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
— Steve Jobs.
My UI Mods


It is more an Hybrid of both in my opinion
A UI and Sim Mod in this Case.
The Description above has been updated of course.
And the Mod Description will be updated as Well.

The UI are the two Managers, the Helpcenter, the Transmissions and a few more. Basically anything what is programmed/coded with UI Elements Like Windows, Buttons, Movies, Pictures, Text and so on is the Frontend Aspect in this Case. The functionality behind the UI is the Sim/Backend Aspect.

Wow looks great


Thank you.
More Updates are coming soon. 😉

I will Update the mod_info.lua in the next Patch. The Mod will be marked categorized as an SIM Mod.

@cdrmv said in Commander Survival Kit (A new UI/SIM Mod):

It is more an Hybrid of both in my opinion

To be clear, the term "UI mod" means it is a mod that only affects the user interface

A "Sim mod" is one that affects the simulation for other players. E.g. adding new units, etc. A sim mod can also affect a player's user interface. A sim mod can add new buttons on the user interface for the user to click on.

There is no such thing as a "hybrid" mod

A UI mod is one that you can use without causing a desync with other players

A Sim mod is one that, if any player is using it, all of the players need to use it

I have ask Ctrl-K about the Difference between an UI and a SIM Mod yesterday. But thank you for the additional Informations about that too. Of course this is an SIM Mod and I will Update the mod_info.lua regarding to that soon. And of course some others Descriptions such as Readme File, on Moddb and so on. I Just didn't know the Difference between these two types of Mods before so sorry for the misinformation.

A few more new Model previews:
These two Units will appear as new Air Reinforcements for the UEF and will be buildable in an Tech 3 Air Factory.

UEF Tech 3 Heavy Missile Gunship:
One of the rare UEF Units which uses an traditional Propeller Engine. Slow Move Speed,Some Missile launchers for Ground Targets. a light gatling Gun for Ground and Air Targets.


UEF Tech 3 AA Gunship:
A Heavy Gunship, which is designed to fight against enemy Air Units.
Prefered Target: Gunships or Transports.
Fast Move Speed, Some Missile launchers for Anti Air. A light Gatling Gun for Ground and Air Targets.

UEF AA Gunship.PNG

I'm currently looking for cool Names for these two Units.

How about Gunslinger for the first one? 🙂

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Cooper's hawk is a North American bird hunter but the UEF already have a Cooper. Goshawk for the AA gunship?

Gunslinger and Goshawk are good names
Maybe we can collect some Names First and Vote after that. maybe there are some other good Names in the mind of other Players here.