Teleport speed

The time it took for an ACU to teleport was something like 25-30 seconds, but recently it's down to 10 seconds. I don't recall a balance change for this. Maybe a typo occurred somewhere, but it should probably be brought up again.

There wasn’t change towards teleport delay for 5 years.

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@plasma_wolf If you have an exceptional amount of energy or odd-ball settings in your game, teleport can be faster or instantanous.

The SIM is just faster with all the improvement so it seems like it is going quickly 😃

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Hmm, it always has been 15 seconds then? Looks like normal simspeed just helps telesnipes. No need to look at it then 🙂

I sandboxed it. Teleport time is now 15 seconds, whereas until about a year ago it was 25 seconds. I'm pretty sure this is an unintended change. Please fix.

I reported this issue months ago, it is a known issue.

I've found the issue. I'll bring it along with one last hotfix 🙂

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Damn it... hee I hoped nobody would notice

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

There was a game a few days ago where yudi mazer sniped 2 peoples and they did noticed that the teleport was faster than intended. Also mazer com bugged after 3rd teleport and couldn't fire lazer

The Mazer bug after teleport usually happens when the ACU teleports too close to its target

If you aim at something further away, the mazer will turn on. Then you can aim at stuff closer to you.