UEF and Aeon ACU tweeks are needed - Seraphim ACU rework is great

Seraphim ACU is great and it's upgrades work well. It has numerous useful configurations, including an incredibly dangerous double nano + gun + splash combination.

Cybran ACU is great and its upgrades work well. It has fewer useful configurations, but is uniquely capable of telemazer and cloak/stealth mazer. Mazer is by far the best ACU weapon and is a beast.

Aeon ACU is alright but it's main weakness is that is has no strong, late-game weapon and no upgrades that greatly increase regen and health. It should be reworked as such:
Right arm 1: Speedx2 --[upgrades into]--> Range --[upgrades into]--> Speedx4 (total RoF increase with all upgrades = x8)
Right arm 2: RAS --[upgrades into]--> ARAS
Back 1: Chrono Dampener [Add small regen or hp bonus]
Back 2: Teleport
Back 3: Sensor suite
Left arm 1: Engineering --[upgrades into]-->Advanced engineering
Left arm 2: Shield --[upgrades into]--> Advanced shield

This will give Aeon a double strength gun and will allow them a shield/chrono combination to focus on combat. No nano regen will still be a disadvantage, but it's within acceptable diversity. Also, it will allow full gun and sensor suite, which is an effective combination.

UEF ACU is mostly good but needs a double strength gun, so it should get a Super Heavy Zypher Amplifier upgrade which increases damage from 200 to 800. (This is the only change I recommend as the UEF ACU is otherwise very good.)


Starting to sound like blackops acu mod

@speed2 Seraphim has double gun (regular gun + OP splash) and Cybran does too (regular gun + mazor) so why not UEF and Aeon?

aeon acu is the best at facing t1 because of its range
aeon acu is the best at facing t2 because of its range
aeon acu is the best at facing t3 because of its range
aeon acu is the best at facing t4 because of its range

UEF and Aeon get ACU shields, why doesn't Seraphim and Cybran get one too?

UEF and Sera get tml backpack, why don't Aeon and cybran get one too?
UEF and Sera get nano, why don't aeon and cybran get it too?

seraphim have double nano upgrade thats better than even shields

@Mach It was sarcasm

I wish it was clear it was sarcasm but sadly this forum left me unable to make such judgements

The only reason chrono is balanced is because it locks out shield. Shield + chrono would be absolute cancer to deal with.

Also double gun+sensors would turn the ACU into an absolute kiting machine, more so than it already is.

By the time you get mazer, your opponent can afford T3 air and T3 AA. By the time you get cloak, he can easily afford an omni. By the time you get tele, he can shield and PD up everything of importance. If you won the game with mazer, then either you already had a big eco advantage or your opponent was blind.

Ok, but buff and cybran too. At least give t2 and gun at the same time. Like t2 or mazer one hand, and gun and torp other hand.
Or better, to compare with shild chono - let make t3 cloak gun telemazor 🙂

I mean that stuff is already in the mod black ops

Why is this another ridiculous thread about balance where OP clearly doesn't understand the game balance? Can you please stop already?

Just remove seraphmi, cybran and aeon from the game. All hail the uef mirror matchup. Perfect balance.