Request / Suggestion: add "strategic launch detection" on-screen notify

I play on a macbook pro using windows on a partitioned SDD which means I have to turn in-game sound off to prevent it from crashing. The game is otherwise great, but the one parity disadvantage myself and others with sound issues face is that we are totally unaware when a nuke is launched. I think doing this would make it a lot easier for players with sound issues to be useful in multiplayer matches. Or at least it would help me 😄

I like this idea. I very occassionally lose sound for a game due to some funkiness in my hardware setup. Go one step further though and specify in the text if it is a friendly or enemy nuke. @KarlMarx420 This is a nice little feature that could be added so this doesn’t get lost I suggest making an Issue on the FA Repository on GitHub.

Selecting Feature Request, this is in a backlog of issuses that we check more often


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I haven't gotten the audio notification for a nuke for years, so i'd definatley support the option to have a visual alert for this.

This sounds like a prime candidate for a mod

Don't forget it should be different texts for allied and enemy nukes.

for allied nukes you already get a ping on map for its target

How is the for an idea

While a nuke is active a nuke icon appears. Red for enemy and green for allies. Once the nuke is no long active the icon goes away.

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@mach And it disappears fast. Maybe it should stay until the nuke detonates. Preferably with explosion radius shown.

I agree it is too fast, I often miss where the nuke is going because I'm doing something else at the time it shows

I like this idea as well, especially for players with hearing disabilities - it would make a nice QoL improvement.

@karlmarx420 said in Request / Suggestion: add "strategic launch detection" on-screen notify:

I play on a macbook pro using windows on a partitioned SDD which means I have to turn in-game sound off to prevent it from crashing.

While I do support your idea of the visual indicator, be it mod or otherwise, I also run the game on a macbook (mb pro 2015 via bootcamp) I got sound working w/o problems after some setup pain.

Does sound not work on the newer macbooks? do you run it via parallels or even on the mac natively?

A few slightly random thoughts:

First, I like the idea of a visual indicator, I think having an option to enable that (maybe even having it on by default) is a great idea that I can’t really think of downsides too.

And secondly, I also ran faf on a 2018 MacBook Pro for a couple months and had working sound. I’m sure it’s possible but don’t remember what I did to get it working. I was under the impression that faf doesn’t work period on the m1 or newer macs so I assume you have an intel Mac like I was using.

@Exselsior @CheeseBerry

Thanks for your time and support. I run it on a 2019 MBP with an i9. I tried for a long time to get sound to work without the game crashing but couldn't figure it out. I used every trick I saw on the FAF forums including an external sound card to no success. I run windows using bootcamp fwiw. I assumed bootcamp would be superior to parallels so I never tried it, but if you think that's what you did I can give it a go.

@Rowey I'll post to github, thank you for the help.

@karlmarx420 It was 2+ years ago when I was using a mac for faf, but when I did I remember that I had stability issues when I had it installed on the mac's ssd. Those issues completely went away when I installed supcom on an external usb drive, I think just a relatively basic 64gb usb 3.0 drive. I am almost positive I was using Windows installed with bootcamp and not parallels while doing this.

I vaguely remember seeing some random post saying that there was an issue where the mac's ssd was fast enough that it was causing a bug (possibly sound related) that would normally be hidden to pop up and lower stability. Nowadays I'm running on an even faster ssd on a custom machine so that sounds questionable to me, but regardless of why it helped that was the last change I needed to make to get it to work back then. I don't think it's too hard to get that set up and test, so maybe worth a shot if you've got an external drive lying around?

@Exselsior I'll try with an external drive this weekend. Thanks for the suggestion.

Can we reuse notify code which already does stuff like announcing experimental construction et all for this?

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