Weekly Discussion #26 - Armored Assault Bots and their Snipey Bot Frenemies

@zeldafanboy said in Weekly Discussion #26 - Armored Assault Bots and their Snipey Bot Frenemies:

Othuum is not hard to remember or pronounce

Othuum is not an Armored Assault Bot.
Also, I believe they were talking about the Seraphim Sniper bots.

On a 2nd note... What are we discussing here?

~ Stryker

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ban snipers from the game

Ya I don't like some factions getting T3 heavy bots and others getting normal bots + snipers. I want to mindlessly spam exactly 1 unit type and win just like on T1 and T2.

Would be cool if SCUs were viable though.

Between the Brick and the Percival, the brick has caused me more headache is more use cases, destroying my things and just taking hit after hit, potentially sinking into the water. Oddly enough, I've had more luck USING the Percival than the brick, that high alpha damage has served me great.

The sniper bots are great, though I've never really used the toggle function on the Seraphim sniper bot. On paper it sounds pretty devastating if you see something horrible coming your way, I've never managed to make use of it properly, I'm always afraid they're going to overkill too hard and waste it.

Give sera sniper bot hover you can see it actually hovering how do you explain that

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

My guess is they initially had hover in development, and the unit design reflected that. Then they did some playtesting and realized what absolute cancer that would be.

ok make it hop around like a pogo stick

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Seraphim sniper bots mixed in with navy and shields.

@deribus seraphim leverage has it as a mode, its actually not bad. only time it sucks is maps that have water but no means to have navy. basically 5 sniper bots under a t3 shield with a flack are comparable to a destroyer or 2