not any harder than progressing through your own tech tree, and people usually share/ask for t3 engineer specifically, immediately getting access to all buildings of the faction, and experimentals, I saw plenty of people mix in other faction units in their composition, especially in navy

Thank you all for the feedback.

And I forgot to mention that one special type of players:

The players who give you an engineer without them being asked just for the reason of simply wanting to help.

I'll give Asylums to a Cybran player all day to increase their horror potential, Or if someone wants Ravagers I'll likely just give an Engineer because I might not want to put the mass in for that. I don't mind engineer swaps personally, because there's still logistics and additional cost involved in doing it. Air transports, movement time, what if the transport is shot down or the engineer dies, then once the engineer is transferred over its up to that person to fund any project they want.

@fiercelv said in THE ENGIE SYNDROME: "GIVE ENGIE" / "ДАЙ ИНЖА":

And I forgot to mention that one special type of players:
The players who give you an engineer without them being asked just for the reason of simply wanting to help.

Sounds like a free reclaim

plays team game
asked to play with team

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

@maudlin27 said in THE ENGIE SYNDROME: "GIVE ENGIE" / "ДАЙ ИНЖА":

Well they did say read at your own risk!

More for the benefit of newer players who read this, if a teammate asks you for an engineer, you aren't obliged to provide it (although it's often a good idea since what also often happens, as described here, is they can get very angry about not receiving the engineer). If they then ctrl-K their ACU in response to your refusal (as described here) they're breaching the FAF rules and you can report them.

The above is a big reason why for a long time I liked playing Astro craters out of the 3 maps that seemed to be played on FAF (Setons, Gap, Astro), since at the time 4v4 TMM wasn't a thing and I really dislike maps where your team expects/demands you to play a particular way and you dont have the freedom to experiment with your own battle plans.
Fortunately now I have TMM and while a few maps there might be an expected air or navy slot it's fairly rare to get pings as described in the OP.

I can't speak to the role-designating (I do play Gap but generally try to avoid it as it's too stale for me) beyond that there are some cases where if everyone is expecting you to focus say on air units because you're in the most protected slot, and you then flaunt their requests and leave the team with no air, they will justly be quite upset, but as far as sharing engineers and the like goes, I'm not sure it's a good idea to encourage people to be uncommunicative assholes and work against their team, just because it's not technically against the rules... I have played too many games with people "just doing their own thing" that happened to involve entirely ignoring teammates, communication, and the general situation of the game (who sometimes then have the sheer gall to call you "toxic" for being vehemently displeased with such infantile behavior).

I would support the idea to make engi (and therefore tech sharing) impossible. I don't know another RTS game where you can do that as casually as in SupCom.

This would make Team Games more interesting since it would require some thinking about the team composition before starting the Match and would benefit Teams that ACTUALLY play and support each other instead of just handing each other the tech.

At least give the option in custom games to deactivate engi trade while leaving in ranked. might be worth a try.

How about you can't trade engie until past a certain time (15 min?)

Hi all.

I think I owe the FAF an clarification on the topic.

First of all, yes, the problem in my case is the PRIDE. The bad kind of pride, which goes something like this: "Who are you for ME to give you MY engineer if I don't want to?" - something like that.

Refusing to give an engineer when tech sharing is kinda a meta on Dual Gap has generated a lot of negativity, and I do mean A LOT (sometimes even hate (ok, usually hate)) - totally wasn't my goal.

And here I am, again, asking for an apology...

Still, regarding the pride issue: usually it goes both ways, because quite often when someone gets refused, they be like: "you refuse to give ME your engineer, are you insane?!" - no need to continue I think.

And yes, I did get reported for refusing giving engineers, and yes, I did get banned over that, and no, it just had to be (what else can you expect when you going around spreading hate? (totally not on purpose though)).

So what now?

FAF, I am sorry for my (toxic) behavior in the past

No my man, you can't get banned for not sharing your units. And if you did then F the mod who did it lol.

You were not banned for refusing to give someone an engineer. That is not against the rules.

man still can't accept the fact that he is wrong

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like: