Game cheat or bug in the program?


Seems there is a new exploit going around from what it seems. It appears some players have invincibility mods. Tried reporting a game about a week ago from the FAF client by reporting a player. So again last night saw it happen again last night and called it out. I'm seeing units take no damage at all. The first game, which i attempted to report, got a guys com to 300 health with 15 megabots and other units standing around it, was taking damage, and the guy made a comment "oh yea, stop me now...." and after that no units of his took and damage and his com and other units walked the entire map under a lot of heavy fire, not just the first 15+ megabots but a lot more GC along the way.... The game i'm reporting i'll see a few t3 sere siege take just out may base and called out the point hey these units take no damage...

Thought the game use to have checks to help ensure stuff wasn't modified at start... In the last couple weeks sure seems this is becoming more and more of an issue. Cheat mods or updates in the game that introduced bugs to allow this... But would say in the one where the they guy couldn't die seems more like a game cheat...

The other thing seems like the units in question, my units even though they are right next to them, my units won't even fire and attack them...

Can see this in that game here about 1 hour 14 minutes. And my call out at at 1:14:25... I'm in the lower left corner, and there are 3 or 4 of t3 siege bots outside my base, vanga (the green player), i have 3 mega and a few 15+ aeon snipper bots firing at the siege bots for a minute or two, absolutely no damage...

Come to think about it, seems this highlights another problem, units not shooting at enemy units visible and in range...


@Jip just FYI this does look like an edge case issue where something happens to the targeted unit when it is targeted by the GC tractor beam and while targeted the GC is gifted to another player

It happens around 1:10-1:11 🙃


For ease of viewing I recreated the bug in this replay 18943502


There's also another bug that causes ACUs to become invincible. I'm not going to explain what causes it because it's too easy to abuse, but it should be fixed next patch.


Heaps of fun - I'll look into it.

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