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Hello Everyone,

Most of you already know me as Javi/Femboy. I’m the website developer for FAF. I’ve been working in the promo team for almost two years (joined on Feb 2021). However, I haven’t really been doing much regarding promotions lately (thanks to Rowey) and I’ve been more focused on web development. Ergo, as a new promotions lead, I still will be focused mainly on the website development.

Now, as promotions lead, I strive to lead in a decentralized manner. Any contributors interested in helping with the newshub, FAF social media or other promotion ideas can do so with a lot of freedom to apply their own vision. I obviously will have some oversight on these to prevent any big issues but I’ll welcome any active volunteers with open hands.

To the Promo Team

Currently, I'm extremely grateful to contributors @CaptainKlutz and @SpikeyNoob, the former is helping me with the newshub and latter with the YouTube channel. Albeit we are just starting, I feel very happy some have stepped in to help me fill the long shoes Rowey left as promo councillor.

I'm also very grateful to contributors @Fichom, @Giebmasse and @phong for their work as media/graphic designers for the media we use in the YouTube channel, newshub, tournaments and in-game icons. It's added a big touch in professionalism to a lot of our promotions and make us look more official as a community.

To everyone else, I hope we can continue to grow as a community in this classic game we love and hold dear to ourselves.

Best regards,

FAF Website Developer

viva la femboi revolution

Vault Admin / Creative Team / Map Guru

Will u make faf great again?


He already has!

Hey everyone, I'm glad I've been invited to be part of the team. Hope I can keep up the standard that Rowey has set for timely and informative news!

Dude, if you want to be favourite, you must finally add news highlights of best players

Noted, from now on the only news I will post is whenever @ComradeStryker plays a game and wins

faf branded femboy hooters when?

"News has been cancelled for the foreseeable future."

@captainklutz @DerpFAF So, never? The man's still trying to shoehorn billie's into every other game and spamming Novax. T.T

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@eternal said in New Promotions Lead/Councillor Javi:

you must finally add news highlights of best players

Eternal is a smart man. He is correct.

The embodiment of depression...

@balanceslave said in New Promotions Lead/Councillor Javi:

@eternal said in New Promotions Lead/Councillor Javi:

you must finally add news highlights of best players

Eternal is a smart man. He is correct.

Yeah, I'd love to be put on the news.

We can't watch every game, so if you have something we want to cover, make sure to let us know on the official form !

No one asking to watch every game. There is literally a tool to do that


@eternal what defines best player, highest rating global? Most tournament wins? Most games won? Highest rated 1v1?

To me it’s 1v1 and you’ll have for the whole year put down just Nexus, Tagada and 1-3 other people that fluctuate.

Global? Then do I put LilSid as #1? I need solid criteria to determine a best player, and best in what? 2v2? 4v4? Dual gap?

I like the idea but “best” player might not be good. We could do players of the week / month with some silly criteria.

FAF Website Developer

@javi dude ofc we are talking about season matchmaking,

@Deribus / @angelofd347h ^, this is a scam

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dealt with yeah

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like: