Flatty maps paradigm

I suggest map makers adopt the flatty map paradigm:

  • The terrain is mostly flat, with different levels, with random bumps only at the edges of the cliffs to different levels
  • Underwater terrain doesn't matter

A good example is DualGap Adaptive.


  • You never know with these random bumps if your weapon will hit the target, especially if it's Cybran or Sera T2 PD
  • You never know if you will be able to build on bumpy terrain unless you memorized the map

And don't tell me it's a skill issue, the game is too complex enough to memorize maps to the point where you can or cannot build things.

Skill issue.

Skill issue with mapper and player. Good maps have terrain color to showcase the heights.

I've been wanting the flatty map paradigm for years. Maps keep getting more intricate and complicated. Mappers are the enemy.

@spikeynoob said in Flatty maps paradigm:

Skill issue.

skill issue

Not a skill issue - but a user issue - know your weapon systems - and read terrain. PD is already overpowered versus mobile units, that they would need to adapt to terrain should be expected.

I like how the slopes are illustrated in these BAR screenshots with those contour lines. It makes the topography readable even when viewed top-down, but it's subtle enough not to be distracting or to spoil the look.

Would this help with the playability of existing bumpy maps? I wonder if it's possible to modify the terrain shader and provide, as an option, similar visual cues in faf, without having to redo all the maps. Maybe the density of the lines could be tied to zoom level as well, so we could see finer subdivisions the closer we got.

alt text

alt text

flatty map
Dualgap adaptive

Been following this for as long as I can remember with my maps. Started when I played some Cybran and Seraphim and realised how tiny bumps in the terrain (looking at you, Wonder) ruin units' DPS unfairly. This 'Flatty paradigm', or as I call it, 'Flat means Flat', isn't hard to do and doesn't sacrifice aesthetics at all if done right, in all honesty.

Some examples:



Dark green = completely flat.



Open Palms is actually a good example of a flatty map, I was very surprised when I looked around and saw how flat the map actually was. The fact that the "mountains" to the side are snowcapped make you think they're tall but they're not!