Energy Storage adjacency

The Energy Storage is the only structure with adjacency which adjacency is not worth using.

Surrounding a T3 pgen with them gives less energy income per mass than a new T3 pgen, and their explosion is too powerful. I suggest reducing their price and halving their explosion damage.

I think that there are more (fun) things that we can do instead. As an example, in LOUD energy storages allow you to boost shield health. I'm not* saying we should do that here, but we can change essentially any statistic of the adjacent structure.

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@jip oh wow would be awesome but the boost has to be significant enough for them to be used in that way and not ruin shields popping. Might make game more turtlish so this must be done carefully

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Boosting a shield was just an example. There's a lot of other things we can do - essentially any statistic can be boosted. We just need to be creative.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

How about -150 energy consumption of a adjacent structure?

I'd say that is possible too, yes. Or some other factor. But in general, we can do a lot of interesting mechanics using adjacency. As an example a power generator can not just reduce the maintenance cost of shields, but also increase its regeneration capabilities. And an energy storage could maybe extend the range of a radar it is attached to. And maybe power generators boost the build rate of a factory it is adjacent to.

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

But, all of this is balance related. So have fun bugging the balance team with it 👍

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Reducing the costs is absurd due to the possibility of a very early OC. That can make quite some difference on maps with a lot of tree reclaim since that's how you'll get the energy. e.g. if you can make 3 OCs more than your opponent, that's 900 additional dmg to his ACU (on Seton's, for example).

There is no need for energy storages except OC and very lategame anyway. Adjacency on shields etc. won't do the trick either since noone is like "I can save energy with adjacency", they just build a new PG instead. The total outcome is basically non existent when you compare it to regular PGs and the main problem why noone spams storages is the mass cost. But then again, if we reduce the costs go to the first paragraph.


Random idea is putting it next to a pgen gives more e storage

@sladow-noob said in Energy Storage adjacency:

Adjacency on shields etc. won't do the trick either since noone is like "I can save energy with adjacency"

But if the adjacency increases shield strength (or size), then that's a different story.
The shield will probably die instantly anyway once it's down, so adding exploding storages around it, isn't that bad.

I think it would be cooler in general to have more adjacency options. Currently there is always one best option, everything else is very niche.

Such adjacencies could also bring downsides, so a storage next to shield could increase shield strength but reduce recharge, or an artillery does more damage but fires slower.

Making e storage adjacency more human is something thats on the list of things to do, but its not very high priority right now.

At least give hydro carbon an extra adjacency boost. Won't get out of control since there is a limited number per map and early game it could be a nice risk vs reward since it won't likely be shielded, i.e., easy to bomb, but that's usually when you're desperate for E.

@stlng It gives T2 pgen adjacency.

Adjacency was a super cool idea.. but it's generation bonus is so paltry.

I really like the t1 pgens around artillery thing, the rate of fire bonus. I believe that works because each factions artillery is a similar rate of fire. Perhaps expanding on that?
Pgen ++ ROF
Pstore ++ range
Mass gen ++ damage
Mstore ++ AOE

Perhaps mass storage gives everything a rate of fire boost, but causes it to cost energy to fire too, so the storage has a dual use?

Build power bonuses to adjoined factories?

Maybe if we buff these have them chain and share damage like shield overflow.

T1 radar adjacency boo

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Definitely some fun thoughts that could be done

I've always wanted to see more adjacency bonus options, would definitely be cool to see more options.

more mechanics is cool and all, but tbh it complicates things a bit. It would be cool to see more e storage adjacency use on 1v1s since it's already a very fun risk-reward mechanic, where you create easy targets for enemy for an economic gain, but the current ratio almost always doesn't really justify the risk which feels like a waste

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