4vs4 non share gone?

Did i miss a memo? i know no one playing the non full share version but it was weird it just went away without mention..?

their was no need for such a memo when their was like a very little game being played so during the last server update it was removed

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

Yeah I mean fair enough as you say no one played it and I'm not saying the players needed polled on it, just surprised it literally wasn't mentioned.

Just to give some "stats"
3 games in about a month

Bummer, i know no one played them, but I find it so demotivating that killing an enemy acu often means the enemy team gets stronger. It also means games generally take longer to complete.

this mode was removed in vain.
on the wave of novelty, 4vs4_FS of course became wildly popular, but over time (a year / a half) 4vs4_NS would inevitably begin to gain momentum. After all, the automatic game distributes teams more fairly and gives a variety of maps.

look at how they basically create lobby's in the global: 1-2 seton; 3-6 dual gap; at least 2 the pass; 10 astrocraters.
rarely will any streamer make canis or twin rivers or something no less hackneyed, but rare in comparison with astro and gap.

inevitably, people will look for a way out of this situation and will go to play 4vs4_NS

in general, in my opinion, they were very hasty with the removal.
they could have put a drop of effort into advertising this game mode.

It's the other way around. In the beginning the NS queue saw a decent number of players, but activity quickly dropped and is now basically zero. Maybe it can be brought back as a part of an event queue, but there is literally no indication that 4v4 NS would gain more traction over time.
The only reason it had been created in the first place is that people argued that FS would only be played by high rated players and lower rated players would want to play share until death as is common in custom games. Evidently that assessment has been wrong, FS gets played over all rating ranges and NS is dead.

To have a productive conversation someone would have to explain why people that don't want to play setons/astro/dual gap refused to play both the 4v4 FS and NS queues while they were still available.

I think the real reason no one queued is because people can see no one is queued, if a queue that requires 8 players to get a game has 0 players in it, a player that is looking for a game will see that and go and find a custom game.

If instead the number of players in the queue was just set to some random number higher than 20 then those 20 players that all looked at the 0 players queueing and therefore didn't queue would queue.

Despite the fact that I wrote above that I personally want to see YOU play mode, I have to disagree with you.
The two games that I managed to play in 4vs4_TS were collected by me literally manually, on the verge of being banned in aeolus. He just called, called, called and called people to play again. The decisive argument that made the game a reality was that the term of season 1 was ending and it would not be bad to play those 10 games that are required to train the rating system. That is, people came to get an understanding in the form of displaying info in the statistics window, to study how it works. Now do you understand why there were only two games? and not ten as required by the system. It wasn't interesting enough to continue.

But there is something in your idea, with a little deception in the counter waiting for the start of the match.
I repeat, but it seems to me that 4vs4_NS is dead only because there was not enough will to bring it to readiness.

  1. TM needs to be supported (with achievements, perhaps an automatic tournament once a season with the issuance of some kind of picture next to the nickname for a while)
  2. to make it unique (4vs4_FS took it, FS played only on seton, and not everyone likes seton and can, another idea with adding AI to a rating match (I remember there was a tournament of people against AI and it was interesting)

Full Share is not only played on sentons but in any high level teamgame. All your conclusions would make Full Share dead but it had like 2 orders of magnitude more games played than Share Until Death queue.

The real problem is that the people that want to play share until death are the same 1200s that have played canis and hilly and only canis and hilly since 2014 on FAF or the dual gap/astro players and both have 0 interest in playing anything besides their map.

"No one played no share because no one played no share."

Perhaps this is true, but if people had wanted to play no share tmm, they would've queued it. All the other queues don't have this problem because people want to play the mode. Attempts to get people to play no share through news posts had basically no effect.

I think people underestimate how dead the queue was. In the last month of no share (June 2022), there were 2 games. Compared to ~2200 4v4 full shares, ~1000 2v2s, and ~9400 1v1s. In the previous month, there was only 1 game. Having a dead queue only confuses new players who expect it to be possible to get a game there.

FtXCommando and Swkoll, you have convinced me.
but they also upset me very much.
upset in terms of how much people want to sit in their familiar waters... behind the balls... in the comfort zone.
even in a computer game.
play 2-3 cards for years.
after realizing such facts in captivity, you wonder how humanity has not yet died out.

Yes. Picking the better product is clearly the mistake.
Instead of playing the superior mode we should all play the one we despise so that some other random dudes could be happy.

locked since the topic has served it's purpose.

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like: