Stutter problem watching replays

Once a replay gets into the mid-to-late game I am getting a stutter issue: every second or so it freezes then continues.

I dont think its a hardware performance issue: my fps never drops below 50, but does go from 90FPS down to 50FPS and back again in time with the stutter.

Any idea what's causing this? I did not have this problem previously.


when have you started playing and when has the issue appeared ?

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This is intentional. You hit the point in the replay where the game slowed down to something like -1, -2 or someone had connection issues, or the like.

The replay server sends new data every (real time) second to avoid sending data in a lot of tiny chunks, in game it's seen as a second of normal speed, then a stutter. If we didn't have this system, you'd see a tiny stutter every 0.1 second, I don't know if it's better or worse.

Either way, the solution here is to slow down the replay with the '-' key until it runs smooth again.

I'd like to know what replays stutter for you, can you share a replay id?

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@fo0l Are you referring to "live replay" (games that are in progress while you start watching the replay)?

Or are you talking about replays of games that have already concluded?

If you're referring to live replays, then there's no point in giving @jip a replay ID.

@Rezy-Noob Only fairly recently, mostly have been watching a bunch of replays.
@MazorNoob That sounds kind of like it might be what's happening, but I tried slowing it down further and the stutter remains.

Now I'm wondering if maybe it is a performance problem after all? My specs: i7 2.90ghz, 16gb ram, geforce gtx 1070 8gb vram

@arma473 Not live replays, just archived ones:

A random one I watched where I got this problem:

As an aside i think its very neat that FAF has such a wealth of replays, there are numerous other games I wish were so well represented in this respect.

Okay, it it's not a live replay then it's not the issue I wrote about. Wasn't there a longstanding stutter issue that was fixed in a recent-ish game patch?

You are watching very old replays, any replay before around 6 months ago is going to run into the nvidia cursor bug.
Go into the command menu in game with ~ and type in: