Weekly Discussion #6 - Most awesome ACU nuke

This week we'll do something simple, a poll on what ACUs have the coolest looking explosions!

Our contestants

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Yes yes I know the video is terrible and has camera shake but it's 2AM and I never claimed to be a skilled video editor

no Nomads = sadness

I've always loved this part of an ACU explosion.


I like Sera the most, but Cyb gets an honourable mention because I like the small ball of fire that forms.

The weird small sun that forms above the Cybran commander is super cool.

I like the orange big dome that UEF makes too but obviously Seraphim has the coolest

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u


Cybran. The UEF nuke is good, but the sphere has some very large textures, which don't look good.

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I kind of like it it reminds me of 32 bit explosions in old Sega Saturn or PS1 games

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

there is a (sim) mod in the vault, SACU Smexplosion, which extends the ACU explosion as a mini-version to that faction's sACU. So they don't all blow up with stolen UEF technology....