WD #3 - Ridiculous Balance Ideas


Sera ACU is invisible when not moving, only the eyes can be seen.


Cybran laser doubles in range and damage every second, with the penalty it causes increasing overheat damage to itself.


Unban exploits


Give satellites insane crash dmg


Add land units exclusive subterranean theater of war.


Double all transporters capacity.
Double t2 transport health.
Make t1 and t2 ships transportable
Units can survive transport crash (but take damage)

Fast moving tender ships/subs that can repair and reclaim

All factions get commander leg upgrade options:

  • Straight armour upgrade
  • 'Overcharge' legs to move faster temporarily
  • Blink ability for short range teleport for energy cost
  • err... knee based SAM launchers?

Make a t3 air unit that one shots mexes and can only be killed by other t3 air units.


Commander can vet indefinitely


@brannou .. and the ACU gets bigger with vet


@deribus I actually tried setting the Fervor to direct fire. It's Insanely OP.

Otherwise, ignoring the rules I have ideas for navy 🙂

  • Torpedoes are universally ammunition style weapons, having a use or autouse toggle like overcharge. Torpedoes now do tons of damage, no homing, and have a cool splash effect when they hit something.
  • Subs now have a silent/deep running modes and auto stealth when not moving (like selen auto cloak, but no power draw). Silent running mode cuts movement speed, but preserves sealth. Cyb moves fastest. UEF have low hp and huge deck gun damage (surface and attack ambush style). T1 subs retain late game usefulness by being able to reclaim seafloor mass.
  • Ships can 'repair mode' or disable drive and weapons to regen faster. Or 'mothball' state that generates a tiny amount of mass and power.
  • "Fleet Tender" class ships with regen or repair bonuses. Can also assist torpedo production. Perhaps cybran is submersible?
  • Larger ships are broken down and modularized like ACU/sACU. Example-battleships, with gun enhancement, shields, speed upgrades, HP upgrades.
  • Aircraft carriers made to actually carry aircraft. Their three module slots each have an aircraft type that can be selected. ASF, Bomb, Torp. Building it generates a squad of drones that dock at the ship, and go out and attack targets in it's radar range.
  • Aeon Frigate increased in effectiveness. Easily beats any other frigate. Barely loses 2v1. Cost/build adjusted to compensate.
  • Cybran corvette exists and given kamikaze 'ram' ability.
  • Naval veterancy increases range slightly, as to assure higher vet ships get the first shot advantage (seems like something a better trained crew would be able to do)
  • Homeworld games imported in their entirety. Vagyr and Higarian campaigns set in space. Entire engine overhauled.
  • Execs at Sqweenix assassinated with orbital laser. SC IP purchased by nonprofit FAF association. Supcom 3 confirmed.
  • Supcom now an olympic sport.

You must deceive the enemy, sometimes your allies, but you must always deceive yourself!


Firebeetles jump at enemies before exploding. They can also jump over small hills, gaps, etc.
Loyalists have a "final stand" after dying, where they shoot but do not move before exploding.
Titans are as large as GC's and are now T4's. Makes sense...
Pillars are grey rectangles... Wait, this isn't a change. Lets make them vertical!
Experimental units (T4's) have a limited lifetime before they expire. They are prototypes after all.
Engineers need at least 5 goons looking and watching them work before they are able to actually build anything.
The harbinger should hold a scythe and have a 1 range attack that insta kills a unit, and the harbinger.
Seraphim Yolona Oss should be renamed "Wrath of God". Its nuke cannot be shot down unless an aeon player uses the sacrifice ability to build an asylum shield, anywhere on the map.
ACU's need to loudly and obnoxiously scream "It's over 9000!" when using over 9000 energy for an overcharge.
Whenever a SACU gets built, it needs to be under a ally AI's control. If no ally AI is available, one will be created for you.


Lol those are good