Weekly Discussion #2 - What are your favorite recorded FAF moments?

We've had a ton of great content from many streamers and casters, what are some of your favorite moments that have been recorded in videos?

Let's make sure each submission contains a clip of the moment you're talking about so we can all witness its glory.

My favorite moment is from Rainbow Cup III where Paralon attempts to snipe Swkoll, the top team's best player, with a ghetto gunship. It was a seraphim ghetto filled with flares so it was going to kill an ACU in the blink of an eye. Sladow was next to Swkoll and the absolute legend ctrl k's his own ACU to kill the ghetto, saving Swkoll and eventually letting them win the game.


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https://youtu.be/g4aK097RM8I Mr. Smith launches a TML at enemy acu and send in Jesters.
Silvergun is on red HP, he is standing still making t2 shield, shield is like 90% done, TML is sure gonna hit.
Then camera zooms out revealing that it was last ditch snipe attempt from Mr.Smith and Silvegun won the game cause his aa hit TML twice

Full playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWe0mYs3ObwLKxDD7-K1jdj8Rl-bM30AQ
Best plays playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIwKk1Z5BqbycswD9smtT1TdqaYwBZCbF
Petric's survival double billy redirect https://youtu.be/JaCimrhr-bo

TA4Life: "At the very least we are not slaves to the UI" | http://www.youtube.com/user/dimatularus | http://www.twitch.tv/zlo_rd

1 - that time someone (petric?) dropped ACU on the seton's island but the landing spot was on rough terrain so the ACU exploded when it hit the ground
2 - that survival game where a player's billy nuke got redirected TWICE (by two different loyas) sending the billy straight into the MacGuffin that the players are supposed to protect, causing the players to instantly lose
3 - LotS on Point of Reach when Petric forgot about his ACU and died to T2 PD
4 - in one of Brnk's Phantom Roanoke games, a neptune's main weapon fired, ended up killing a nuke that was about to land
5 - any time SMD gets to 99% before nuke hits, or it gets to 100% just before nuke hits and the SMD fires its shot. This is epic whether the SMD shot catches the nuke in time, or if it doesn't catch the nuke in time.
6 - a match on Vya-3 with an early proxy behind the enemy base
7 - that time in a team game where someone tried to drop his ACU next to a friendly ACU. But the other player thought it was an enemy so he ctrl-k, ended up killing himself and his teammate (because death explosion killed the transport)
8 - Gyle casted a match on Dual Gap where one team made a paragon, but instead of making weapons to kill the other team, they made like 3 more paragons so everyone could have one. And when one of the paragons was sniped, it set off a chain reaction.

I can edit this to add links to the clips if they are online.

This clip exists but it's from a Gyle cast and he has so many videos that I haven't been able to find it.

It was on a Seton's and an ACU walked up to OC and finish off a GC and Gyle said, "have you ever seen a commander with bigger... or hairier... or scalier balls than that?"

On a side note, I'd love for someone to make a compilation of the best Gyle moments. I've often thought about doing it myself but I'm too busy. Surely there must be an enterprising film production student out there...

This one is my favourite https://www.twitch.tv/faflive/clip/EntertainingFamousToothTBTacoLeft

That game in general was pretty unconventional by BlinChik, but not sure if there's a VoD of it.

No clip.
The first clan war tourney. It was Gorton and I vs ZLO and I think Congreve. We knew we were probably going to lose so we had a plan, but it fell apart when gorton died. I was doing pretty well against Congreve so I thought if I could snipe ZLO I could win. I set up 2 tac launchers and fired them at ZLO. He was in an elevated position, completely exposed and not moving, so it was a sure hit. Little did I know there was the tiniest of bumps on the ground and the missiles were flying extra low today. They hit the bump, I raged super hard, we quickly lost and I learned a valuable lesson about trajectory arcs.

My favorite moment comes from one of my own videos, I know that may be considered cheap or wrong. I won't link it here because I believe the video is bad but in the last episode of my co-op campaign has a moment where I say "cougars fly south for the winter" and I now have this moment at least once a week when I'm feeling down where I think of a late 40s-50s woman flapping her arms and flying to florida and it's just an absurd thing that makes me smile. may not be funny to anyone else on earth but is to me.