Bring your feedback to the new FAF Leaderboard!

Hello Everyone!

As you may know, I've been working/been the main dev of the FAF Website 4.0 ( I haven't made an update around here in quite some time but now that I'm finishing the new leaderboard I wanted to hear some community input on it.

That is what the new leaderboard looks like. Compared to the old one, this new leaderboard offers the next advantages:

  • Can compare players (both in the current and across leaderboards).
  • Shows win rate.
  • Doesn't need the page to be refreshed to switch leaderboards.
  • More compact/cleaner layout
  • Responsive to screen size (increases size on bigger screens, decreases on smaller screens)
  • Dark mode B)

However, compared to the old leaderboard, this one also has a small issue:

  • Search is case sensitive.
  • Search doesn't recommend/autofill the names of players

Below some examples of this issues.


Nonetheless! You can compare players on the new one!

And it also seems the current leaderboard search function is broken xd


TLDR: What would you like to see in the new FAF leaderboard? I'm eyeing a faction % or a most used color for global. Anything from small details to crazy ideas are accepted!

FAF Website Developer

Division ratings
Games played in last 30 days (of the type being shown)
Win rate in last 30 days
Highest ever rating/rank/division (not fussed which, just some sort of ‘best x achieved’)



not case sensitive anymore xd

FAF Website Developer

@maudlin27 you mean rather than having the all time stats, change them to 30 days? Or have the options to make the leaderboard display only the last 30 days stats?

FAF Website Developer

It would make sense if you had a way to switch between all time, last year, last month like you do with the player stats in the client

@femboy I dont mind much whether you have it showing all in one go or you click a tab/something to switch from all time to last 30 days, main thing for me is that there is a way of seeing the figures for the last 30 days (and potentially other time periods such as a year as subsequently suggested, in which case tabs or a dropdown box starts to make more sense due to issues with cluttering the page/squeezing too much info in one place)

Hide this when user didnt write anything in search box 39f64b32-50cd-4052-8fa1-60d4d08513f4-image.png

@tagada I'm on the way to implement this but I don't seem to find a leaderboard on the client? The leaderboard tab takes me to the leagues, but not a leaderboard.

FAF Website Developer


Also now it allows suggestions, will get the suggestion if one presses enter (rather than finding player archs, it looks for the closest player, archsimkat).

Also it's not case sensitive anymore and its cleaner (with a delete/clear search button included).

FAF Website Developer

26.1% winrate : (

@archsimkat Still better than Tadaga and Blodir 😄

Strange, normally I like darker themes but for some reason it’s quite difficult to read with only black and white… maybe add some elements to have the text pop a bit more?

Thats hurts, i thought i have problems, because i saw borders


@eternal you see nothing xD don't worry, the footer will be updated.

@Morax 505a9c0a-66be-475a-9499-2a590b84ec5b-image.png

I gave the information more space vertically. Do you think its easier to read now?

FAF Website Developer

@femboy It is not about space, it is about contrast of white / black.
You should make colors less dark i guess

To anybody who has their monitor set so bright that white on black is hard to read:
ScreenBright.exe is a small, free program that allows you to adjust monitor brightness very fast and simple without having to deal with shittty monitor software. Try it. Over the course of the day i alwyas adjust my brightness so it is never hard to look at, but always bright enough against my sunny window.