Unit Creation Tourney #1 (October of 2020)

I'd like to submit my mod Madmax's unit mod for the tourney

Supreme Commander  Forged Alliance Screenshot 2020.10.24 -

Supreme Commander  Forged Alliance Screenshot 2020.10.24 -

Supreme Commander  Forged Alliance Screenshot 2020.10.24 -

Supreme Commander  Forged Alliance Screenshot 2020.10.24 -

Supreme Commander  Forged Alliance Screenshot 2020.10.24 -

Supreme Commander  Forged Alliance Screenshot 2020.10.24 -

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This adds a T3 spider assault bot to the Cybran line up,
The idea was to make a spider unit that could attack anywhere, So it has the ability to climb up any cliff or mountain and it's amphibious to,
Balance wise it is positioned between a loyalist and brick for damage, health and build costs,

Unit Lore Arachne

Dr Brackman in his quest to create the Monkeylord and Megalith, started by first making smaller spider tanks this unit was one of his early experiments,
it had long been buried in a secret abandoned research facility on Procyon. After the infinite war the Cybrans recolonised Procyon and discovered the facility,
along with the buried and forgotten Arachne unit, the settlers quickly realising what they had found, informed the Cybran commanders of their discovery,
the commanders saw potential in the old unit, and with a few modifications and updates, it was decided to add it to the tier 3 unit line up,
what else was buried in that facility maybe more units will turn up the deeper we go.

[Edit] i forgot to mention that blocking terrain type will still block this unit

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needs a name change ...... Redback

Thanks for the submission, just as an aside:

please let me know if the unit does something unique

I can see the unit might be able to walk up hills and stuff here because of the images
I might have missed it during evaluation and I rather not have to correct myself later

[EDIT]: missed the second post

Could you show how the visuals of the unit change with the change of players color?

@MadMax Reminds me of oldy goldie spider from TA, although it was on ARM side, it always suited better as CORE unit design-wise, so i like it in Cybran lineup 😉

@Tagada said in Unit Creation Tourney #1 (October of 2020):

Could you show how the visuals of the unit change with the change of players color?

yeah sure here you go

Supreme Commander  Forged Alliance Screenshot 2020.10.26 -

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Would love to see an aeon land unit that uses an oblivion cannon, especially since they lack a siege unit in the land role.

Mostly I just want to see oblivion cannon shots more often in land battles.

@TOOTHBRUSHDUCK That could be cool. Perhaps for balance it could deploy? (Since their arty does not do that). Like the UEF t1 mobile PD from Black Ops. Maybe hover but can only deploy on land? Some interesting strategic options there possibly.

@MadMax That's a great submission! Really fits the faction aesthetic, and it's "go anywhere" capability reminds me of the infantry esque role that bots/walkers should be in. I am worried about the Strategic Icon, though the wagner and rhino both have the same icon, so I doubt it will mater much. To be fully honest though, I feel like it has a lot of overlap with the other Cyb t3 land, and does not try to expand to new tactical niches. I do want to play with it though, so clearly you are on the right track.
Lore wise it kinda seems like some of the "experiment" of the monkeylord panned out, and was ready for mass productions. Pretty cool!

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Jamming( and cloaking field, but its op) kinda underused: land based t3 "scout" which generates a ton of jamming/radar blips could be a fun unit for cybran (or sera, they have cloaking too) for example.
Imagine having a 10-50 unit army moving somewhere on radar to be a single stealthy/cloaked t3 scout, could create some mind-games)

@KaletheQuick I did some thinking on that, and there are a few options I considered. Set-up could be a good balance option, but doesn't feel very Aeon, since it's a pretty significant thing they don't have it. Having it be a hover tank also runs into the issue of hover is rather strong, and it could give them an unneeded edge in navy if they had a siege unit that could use it's main weapon against ships. My best thought was a unit that fills somewhat of a 'middle' ground between the harbinger and galactic colossus, since despite both being walkers they are very different, like there's a missing design step. Perhaps a heavy walker, using a similar design philosophy to the harbinger of being more expensive that it's counter-parts in return for being a stronger unit? It could out-range and out-damage the other siege bots, but have a low RoF and lack other weapons to make it shine as a siege unit.

It's a shame I have literally no idea how to do stuff with modelling else I would probably try make it myself.

Like to remind you all that this is not a suggestion thread.

9 days remain.

I'm submitting my 'MobileCloakingBomb' mod to the tourney!


Inferno Bug: T3 Mobile Cloaking Bomb
Can render itself invisible when stationary. Carries an extremely effective proton bomb.

i got bad news for you

.... Looks at the T2 Beetle ....

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No worries. It works differently than the T2 one. It has no radar blip when it's cloaked but can only do so if it's not moving.

Edit: I didn't want to go overboard with my first mod so I tried smthn relatively simple^^

UEF Mobile Tactical Missile Defence: Trickshot

High command noticed an unfilled defensive niche in the mobile forces, and filled it the easy way; with one of those R2D2-looking Phalanx weapons on an apropriately re-sized APC body. Traditionally such a Phalanx not at sea is called a Centurion, but we'll keep quiet about that part.

Referred to as "Trickshot" by "the boys" due to it's ability seemingly effortlessly track and shoot missiles on the go; a feature it was literally designed for, it keeps its weapon stowed when not in use.

20201103121116_1.jpg 20201103122203_1.jpg

Hey boys, it just turned to the 19th.
This means you now have 22 hours remaining to submit the mod here if you wish to compete.
Thank you to all the people who have submitted thus far.

Sadly due to studying and things I didn't have the time in the end 😞 .

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might the winning unit be added to the game?