Divisions in player info window

I'm working on showing the divisions in the player info window, but it still looks a bit bland. Any suggestions?


They might look better if they don't look cut-off on the top and bottom. Also, please don't put them between games played and rating. I'd rather they go below rating or more preferably, above 1v1/2v2/etc (maybe without the division label on the left).

pfp credit to gieb

I would suggest showing it like this (from LoL):


A big icon for the division, and below that what queue it is for, the name of the divison in a bigger font, and some additional info, in our case the rating (better to not show the rating imo) and games played.

I look at that screen frequently to check players' stats. Removing rating from it would be disappointing, and the current format allows for easy evaluation of the different ratings and games played.

pfp credit to gieb

How about this?

@blackyps IMO the name of the rank should be directly below the icon, not separated with the game type (1v1).

I tried to switch them, but that looks a bit weird. I will instead lower the leaderboard name a bit if there is no division, so the leaderboard name doesn't float as high above the rest of the text.

Maybe try moving the game type name above the icons, with larger bold text?

@BlackYps To prevent the categories without a divion to look that empty maybe a white "?" with a black background as an icon and an "unassigned" or something similar as a description

Should determine if it’s best for global to be the first rating shown and if it should be called global rather than smth like custom. Especially since it doesn’t have a tied league system.

The list of leaderboards is fetched from the API, so to alter the order we would either have to hardcode that or change the id of the global leaderboard. Changing the id is probably not feasible, hardcoding it is still a bit unelegant.
We were thinking about renaming global, but now that global also gets influenced by all the matchmaker ratings, it seems to be fitting again.

@blackyps Add globe/earth icon to global rating

@eternal said in Divisions in player info window:

@blackyps Add globe/earth icon to global rating


I agree that having no icon there is kinda weird. Maybe put the placement icon on the matchmakers that the player is not in a league for?

I'll try to do that for the queue leaderboards, but the global leaderboard is not associated with any league

Not fully related to the original topic but we should absolutely the player's highest currently achieved rank like an avatar. https://forum.faforever.com/topic/271/tournament-avatars-ideas

I am not sure if it should be a selectable avatar (to be used in place of existing ones) or just in a new spot for matchmaker ranks.

This was DerpFAF's idea btw 🙂

I'm not sure what you mean, Arch. Can you elaborate?

In the meantime, here is some progress:

He means make your highest division symbol a selectable avatar in client.

Actually he said that he is not sure if it should be that and I am not sure what he considers to be the alternative

@archsimkat I think currently FAF is not supporting league avatar as selectable by user. Of course locally you have abilities to change it, but none of user will notice, as workaround devs can add switcher, that changes old avatars with league avatars for all users in client locally