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I'm going to use this thread as a way for potential TDs and current TDs to get a look at the avatars available for FAF and some potential ideas on how to utilize them so that they actually are not just filling up space in our avatar vault. If you guys want more avatars for people in the community, feel free to use some of the ideas I post here and pm me that you're interested in hosting. If you see an avatar that sounds interesting but you have a different idea, that's cool too. Anything that leads to an increase in tournaments or competitions at ALL levels of play is good in my eyes.

I can also edit names for avatars, so if you like the icon but want to change the wording, let me know.


Avatar 1: BlackOps Tournament Winner

Pretty basic, just host a tournament of any rating restriction using the BlackOps mod. Good way for people that are lower rated but more experienced in the mod to gain an advantage over traditionally strong players.

Avatar 2: Eco Emperor

The basic idea would be to host a tournament on juicy mass maps like Ditch or Seton's. Another idea is to hold a competition like "Who can build a paragon the fastest on [crazyrush/ditch/setons/wonder/flat] or any map really. A competition for someone to reach 1k mass income the fastest maybe.

~Used~ Avatar(s) 3: Prince/King of UEF/Phim/Aeon/Cybran

Avatar 4: I'm a special snowflake!

This is one I'd like to change the wording of, really. It can be a good avatar for some winter tournament of any type/rating.

Avatar 5: Ultimate Assimilator

This was originally an avatar for winning a 3v3 tournament. It can function as a supplementary avatar similar to Winner of Hearts that could be given to someone that manages to steal their opponent's tech during a match. It can also be used in some tournament that spawns people with the faction tech of multiple players or anything else on that line.

Avatar 6: Stack Wizard

Make a tournament specifically focused on getting a high rated dude to partner with some lower rated player. Of course, you should make it so that the low rated player should have some quantity of games to prevent some smurf team and not really provide funds for such a tourney as it could induce bad behavior.

Avatar 7: Holy Trinity Winner

It's an avatar that can be given out for anything really so long as it follows a theme of involving 3 people.

Avatar(s) 8: A lot of LotR Stuff!.png

Avatar(s) 9: Fixed in Equilibrium

Literally anything to do with equilibrium. I think it isn't really being actively maintained now(?), so if someone wants to become a new maintainer I'd even be willing to give them the avatar for it.

Avatar 10: Average Joe Champion

Pretty self-explanatory, just host some tournament focused on the <1500 rating group. Ideally a 1v1 tournament.

Avatar 11: Survival Champion

Could have a few interesting concepts. You could host a tournament on some max difficulty survival map and whoever gets the longest time alive wins the avatar. You could do something where low rated players have to survive against a high rated player(s) (1v1, teamgames) and whoever survives the longest gets the avatar. You could also do the reverse and have a high rated player face low rated players on some certain map and whoever can survive against the most low rated players gets the avatar. Just some sort of fun concept like this, doesn't need to be SUPER SERIOUS balanced.

~Used~ Avatar(s) 12: Prime Commander Avatars

Some sort of 1v1 tournament?

Avatar 13: Master of Cake

No idea boss. Maybe host a tournament on maps that look like food?

Avatar(s) 14: WWPC

WWPC Avatars for 2v2, the tournament thread for this already exist essentially. What we need are TDs that are willing to stick to the concept and host it. Maybe we can do something where if a team that has the avatar is challenged, they have a week to play the team that challenged them or they forfeit the avatar? They could have a max amount of challenges. Feel free to ask if you're interested in keeping track of this stuff.

Avatar 15: Winner of Procyon

Avatar 16: Anarchy

Avatar 17: Galaxy Cup Champion

Avatar 18: Phoenixes

Avatar 19: Rebalance Tournament Champion

Avatar 20: Faction Tournament Champion
(None for Sera/Aeon)

Avatar 21: Heart of Black Champion

Avatar 22: 3v3 Trident of Power

Avatar 23: 3v3 Summer Champion

Avatar 24: Minions and Legends

Avatar 25: 3v3 Spring Champion

Avatar 26: I'm Special

Avatar 27: Air Supremacist

Other Avatars:'m%20a%20FAF%20streamer.png!.png'm%20watching%20you!.png

FightNight Champion:


Sin Avatar:

Imba Cup 3rd:

Imba Cup 2nd:

Imba Cup 1st:

Map Author:

Mod Author:












  • Astro
  • Gap
  • Canis River
  • Theta
  • Niflheim
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Roanoke Abyss
  • Twin Rivers
  • Regor VI Highlands
  • Seraphim Glaciers
  • Badlands
  • Syrtis Major
  • Crimson Feud
  • Loki
  • Open Palms
  • Blasted Rock
  • Finn's Revenge

I don't need to provide a pic, it's the damn map on gold/silver bars. I might just give out the avatars to random people (king for 1800+, prince for <1800) and whoever beats that person at that specific map receives the avatar, provided they give me a valid replay of the game. Of course, if you challenge someone and they fail to play, they would also forfeit the avatar. If you are interested in keeping track of this, let me know.

Otherwise, just a basic >host a tournament with this map and whoever wins gets the ava.

Cool Clarke:
Cool Riley:
President Riley:

Cool Seth:

Cool Princess:
Rhiza: applepng

Cool Brackman: http:/bananaavng
Dostya: htvatars/Dostya.png


Cybran: http://conCybran.png


Since people seem to not know anything about the client let me explain how to put avatars on so I don't get 3 pms every tourney about me not giving someone an avatar even though I did.

Step 1) Start up the FAF Client
Step 2) Wait for it to load
Step 3) Go into an irc chat
Step 4) Right Click your name
Step 5) Select the big empty box at the bottom of the list of options
Step 6) Actually select the damn avatar


~~ Cleaning up the Pins ~~

We've decided to update the reward avatars for FAF donators as the design hasn't been touched for like, over half a decade at this point. I also never really was a fan of the cookie avatar and wanted to get something more tied to the game as a reward for people that help keep the ship running.

We're going to have two separate avatars for the main sources of revenue for FAF: Tournament and Patreon donations. Thanks to Swkoll for creating the designs for me!

Patreon Donator:
patreon donator.png

Tournament Donator:
tourney donator.png

In order to claim the Patreon Donator reward, PM me (FtXCommando) on FAF/Forums/Discord with your Patreon information so I can verify you.

In order to claim the Tournament Donator avatar, you must donate a minimum of $20 to any sort of official tournament hosted on FAF. To claim the reward, simply PM me and inform me of the tournament that you put funds into.

I'll be willing to give out the avatar to people that donated funds to a tournament in 2020 and beyond.

Hopefully as time goes on we'll be able to add additional incentives to larger donators, but consider this as a first perk among a potential many.

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