Delete this channel.

I suggest deleting this channel4d5f5cb4-2626-496c-9382-108e4fbbce54-image.png This disgusting decision to create it separately does not contribute to a favorable result and provokes further clashes of people "players" from all countries. The game and their discord should be apolitical and should be moderated in accordance with the restriction of individuals or the "deletion" of messages that are unacceptable.

Did you read the statement why it was created?

i don't mind the channel but not allowing discussion elsewhere seems to strict

Vault Admin / Creative Team / Map Guru

Ahhh, politics, one topic that people can discuss calmly and respectfully, good thing we have a channel specified for that. It was really missing.

Because of the current events, such decision is necessary and a good thing. You can still have your politic discussion in the specific channel with all the people and different opinions you want.

At last, people want just come together in FAF and have fun playing their games with friends. I suggest to every player who wants to talk mainly about current ongoing politic events to go to websites which focus mainly on that topic.

Furthermore, the game titles were better the last weeks. I am not sure if Moderators/Admins took any steps to decrease it, or people were done cringing and gave up.

Occasionally there is some weird title or even chats in the lobby, but much better nowadays.

I support the channel and the decision of the association to create it. As they clearly stated, it creates "an opt-in environment" to talk about politics. I certainly will never be in it and will be glad of any reduction of all political talk, regardless of whatever nation anywhere in the world it refers to.

Channel ok since it’s just the war that needs to go in and that shit is boring and pointless to talk about anyway, anyone that thinks any human being is going to talk to anybody else with a fat 1 minute timer is out of their mind though.

The only thing that should be debated in the politics channel is which Supcom faction’s ideology is based and which are cringe

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

I really don't think I need a dedicated channel

@deletethis said in Delete this channel.:

I really don't think I need a dedicated channel


People who want to discuss politics can discuss it there, people who don't can now just mute this channel.
This solution is okay, imo.

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