Buff SpearHead

Could i suggest buffing the UEF T3 Mobile Missile Launcher (SpearHead).

Not once in any game ive played in or any cast ive seen, has anybody tried to make these things.

They are outranged by Mobile T3 Arty and counterd by TMD so why make them, they have no purpose in the game.

Maybe they should be given the same range as maybe a T2 naval cruiser?

I would increase the burst fire and compensate with longer reload time so that they actually perform their role of "Spearhead" (breaking through a firebase) adequately.

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

Spearhead is extremely good already. Pretty much like a shield disruptor that also does 1200 damage to any stationary target as well, even for slightly less mass. People don't make them because they are bad at the game.

I've seen some casts that people have used them to great effect. Just more niche

Would be nice to have a little tracking with the missiles so they could hit units

Perhaps a little AOE and spread on the shot? Still good for taking down shields but with a little something different.

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T3 arty could be more versatile option as it could be used against units and has splash. But Spearhead is much stronger unit against static targets. That includes other t3 arties because they have to be stationary to shoot and that's how single Spearhead can easily pay off itself. The unit is really cheap - 2 times less cost and deals 3 times more damage while also being very tanky with its armor.

@kalethequick said in Buff SpearHead:

Perhaps a little AOE and spread on the shot? Still good for taking down shields but with a little something different.

Having some spread wouldn't detract from the point of the unit (to overwhelm shields, which are typically big targets) or even the secondary reason (to destroy buildings, which are usually big enough that they would still take hits from multiple missiles). If it became a little bit harder to kill small buildings, like T1 PD, that's not a very big loss compared to the benefit of being a little bit better at killing units.

don't buff what's already good,it does it's job and that's what matters

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

Would it be possible to spread attack the spearhead and it would spread its three misses among the targets?