Unrealistic rating

A question about rating. Im a 800, with something like 250 games. My rating is completely unrealistic, when pitted against other 800's. Often even 500's whoop my ass. Yet my rating remains at 800 even though i keep losing games and in games they expect me to play like 800 not like 400. So aside from making a new fresh account, how can i quickly get my rating to my actualy skill ?

You play nothing but thermo and dual gap. Thermo games are pretty much always unranked due to mods and unit restrictions. Dual gap games are 6v6 and therefore the system can never really confidently attribute a win or loss to you so you get less rating gain/loss than if you played 1v1 or 2v2. Also, some of your dual gap games are unranked because they are on unranked map versions or had desyncs.

In any case, over the last 20 games you went from 831 to 769. If you want to lose rating faster, play games with less people.

All that info is public, lol. I mostly play dual gap but that seems to be almost the only map thats being played lately. Its gonna take a while to get my rating down, im almost thinking if its worth the time or i just make a new account and play a couple of 1v1's to get my rating more accurate. Thoughts ?

Smurfing and all alts in general are against the rules and if it's found out you made a new account it'll get perm banned.

Smurfing is bannable
Alternate accounts are bannable
Rating manipulation is bannable

All that said the fewer players are in a rated game the more of an impact it will have on your rating.

I guess i will cry myself to sleep with some 1v1's then and keep this account. Tnx

@goblinsly said in Unrealistic rating:

I guess i will cry myself to sleep with some 1v1's then and keep this account. Tnx

Make sure to play the 1v1's in custom games and not ladder.

Been there, still a bit there in fact, due to a rating system change in 2013. One reason why I don't play global.

Dude, it depends what you like doing. 1v1 and 2v2 ladder each have their own rating systems, so you will start from scratch there. You will also learn a lot more about playing the game than with most custom games, and can probably earn that 800 rating soon enough.

I went into 2v2 game where my rating is about 300 and ended in a game with 2 other 300's and a 1900, obviously in the opposite team. With custom games its about 2 different maps all the time, i wonder where that nice 2v2 isis map is and similar maps. In the end, me and my friend, who belive it or not is even worse than me, went playing 2v2 vs uveso AI. On 5x5 map we won quite easily. Then went to 10x10 map and it was pure luck that we won - 1 of the enemy commanders stupidily went almost to the middle of the map while it was like minute 20, so we sniped him. Same with the other commander - he killed my friends base with bots and even had chicken coming, only to get killed by his destroyers at like mid map. That AI is really tough, the only thing i would change is the same thing i would change with human players - keep ur com hidden in ur freakin base if its past minute 10 or u will get sniped.

Anyway i felt that i learned a lot more from this 2v2 game vs uveso than i did from that gap 6v6. I had to do so much multitasking and was quickly overwhelmed but knew what i need to improve.

i don't understand people that complain about rating in general,just keep on playing,this game has a huge learning curve you have to go through,well in some cases it's an actual learning cliff you are being thrown from,but that doesn't change the fact that you just need to keep on improving,especially when it's an rts and not a shooter that doesn't really have a different game mechanic,uveso ai might be also quite overwhelming for someone who is completely new to the game,i'd strongly recommend starting with campaign and when you're done with it,play the custom campaign(the missions made by speed and shadowlord) as they are quite harder then normal campaign.once you are done with those,play global->1v1->2v2

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