How do you survive Mavor fire right now?

As the title says, how?

I lately had a shielded Salvation under Mavor fire. I had around 20 cybran hives slaved to the shield to give incredible support. Mavor carved through it all like butter.

Just curious is there any way to deal with the damage a Mavor currently does?

Mavors are literally supposed to be game enders. If your enemy had the resource to build one you're supposed to lose or destroy it very quickly, they already take a long time to build and are expensive meaning they probably have map control anyway.

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As Druark said, you should either aim to snipe the Mavor (30 strats should suffice)


manually activate and deactivate shields, you'll probably want Seraphim t3 shields all over the place lol

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@scout_more_often Were you stalling? There are two, well perhaps three ways. A non Cybran t3 shield with 30+ hives. I don't know the exact number, but there is a number of hives that will permanently keep up the shield vs a single mavor. It's in the 30-40 range I think, but you cannot stall mass at all.

The other way is highly apm intensive, but with shield micro. You have to constantly upgrade or rebuild shields, and do so with a lot of build power. Basically you want to have enough build power that in the time it takes for 2 shots to hit you can build a shield from scratch with enough time the new shield comes online before every other shot hits if that makes sense. Being able to do it between each shot is even better. This is what you have to do if you only have cybran t3, a mix of constantly upgrading them and rebuilding them.

The third and kinda troll way is to do the above as well as patrol continentals above the Mavor's target.

Also, you didn't ask this, but never make a Salvation before making a Paragon.

Edit: I have kept shields up over a paragon vs a mavor and a scathis at the same time by having some ridiculous number of hives, ~60 or so, assisting a sera t3 shield. It can be done, but you need an insane eco/paragon and a ton of hives.

Edit edit: Really you want a combo of the two strategies if you can afford it, that's the best way. Heavily assist shields that are still alive while building new ones and upgrading constantly.

You might have mass stalled reducing the effectiveness of the hives.

Surround what you want to protect with a tonne of shields, cycle them if you can. Keep rebuilding them as they die. Its micro intensive but with enough build power its sustainable.

Outbuild its destruction. If its late game enough and If all your teammates commit to this, you can actually build faster than what it can destroy. Spread your stuff out.

Obviously if your enemy has a mavor up its an extremely bad situation but depending on the state of the game, there are ways around it.

I tought any t3 shield is able to shield against mavor if you place them densely and make sure they don't end up in the cycle that they all drop at the same time. So initially there might be some micro required but it enters a stable state with shields regening fast enough.

@harzernoob iirc this does work with shields other than Cybran, though usually people put t1 pd near the para or whatever they're protecting for better tele def and run into issues with build space on maps like Seton's where the ground isn't always flat enough for shields but is flat enough for hives or whatever. So there's a chance you can't reach the right shield density for this. Then if you combine Mavor + a sat you really need the assistance to beat that.

Could be wrong on that though

@scout_more_often aeon and seraph shields are the best

you can make a super big grid of t3 aeon shields, you need tons of SACU to give you the power, also send SACU to suport the shields choose heavy focus on 1 2 or 3 max

I think T3 aeon shields are the best vs mavor cause they are smaller, so it means less spread damage over the shields

Also instead of making T3 adjacency bonus making it only T1 helps cause the shields are closer to the arty, you lose DPS but increase the survivability by a lot

Overlapping shields get all hit at the same time due to splash damage. Best to roulette the shields accordingly by manually turning them off / in to mitigate the splash damage. This takes about a minute to get right and after that the shields collapse / engage automatically as they would normally.

Of course, when the Mavor halts for 20 seconds then you need to start over again 🙂 .

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@kdrafa91 said in How do you survive Mavor fire right now?:

Also instead of making T3 adjacency bonus making it only T1 helps cause the shields are closer to the arty, you lose DPS but increase the survivability by a lot

If you do anything other than ring a Mavor with t3 pgens you’re using it wrong

Hives repairing shields can be finicky. Sometimes they don't start the regen right away even when there is no mass/energy stall.

@jip Ooh thats a smooth move i'll take that thanks