October League Invitational - 09/10/2021


October League Invitational 2021

Welcome to the fourth and final Invitational Tournament in the new League Invitational Series concept. This event will use a shortened ladder league due to technical issues that were encountered for a majority of the previous league.

This league will run from the 8th of September to the 5th of October, with invites going out at the close of the league on the 5th of October. See the "Helpful Links" at the bottom of this post for details and information.

This event will involve the top 8 players of the October League Month facing off against one another in a Swiss Tournament format on October 9th. These players will be fighting not only for a cash prize, but also for points that will help secure themselves a spot in the FAF LotS End-of-the-Year Tournament!

Tournament Dates:

October 9th 13:00 UTC

Challonge: (to be created)
IRC: #OctLeague

Event LiveCasting:

The event should be covered by [finding casters].

Link: https://www.twitch.tv/faflive

Current Prize Pool: $150

Interested in Donating?
Contact me on the Forums/Discord/FAF Client.

Tournament Structure:

This Tournament will take the top 8 interested 1800+ players sorted by their placement on the preceding month’s league leaderboard. If a player fails to claim an invite, their spot will be given to the 9th place finisher and so on.

Then, these 8 players will proceed to play a 8 round Swiss Tournament format against one another with each game series being a BO1. (please see discussion here, format may change pending results)

In the case of ties, the following system will be used to get uncontested placements:

First, I will utilize total wins against the opponents you are tied with.

Then, I will use total point differentials. Essentially if someone won a series 2-0, they will gain 2 point score differential in the tournament. If they win 2-1, they only get 1. If you have more total points across all of your games than the person you tied, you rank higher than them.

If there is still some sort of tie left, then tiebreaker games will be held.

Maps Selection (TBD based on format election):

The map pool for this event will utilize the ladder pool of the preceding month. It will follow the standard 15 map pool 4/6/5 breakdown from last year’s LotS event.

In order to select the maps played for each BO3, the two participants in each stage will discuss amongst themselves which maps they would like to veto. Each player will be given the right to 3 vetoes and the bottom player in the bracket will be given the first veto. Each player will also submit vetoes sequentially. Once the list is down to 9 maps, the players will be given the right to pick which of the nine they wish to play. The bottom seed will be given the right to pick the first map and the top seed will pick the second.

In the case of a tie, the players will veto down to a single map with the bottom seed once again having the first veto.

Map Pool:





1st: 12 points, ($100)
2nd: 10 points, ($50)
3rd: 8 points
4th: 5 points
5th: 4 points
6th: 3 points
7th: 2 points
8th: 1 point

The Players:


This tournament will also follow standard FAF tournament rules. Any comments or concerns about the procedures or structure of the tournament? Please post them here.

Helpful Links:

League Leaderboards:

League Months:

Nexus Series Thread: