FAF on Linus Tech Tips!

The recent video on Linux tech tips has a huge background for Forged Alliance, then if you look really really close you can see FAF on the desktop!

YouTube (7:11)

If you go to 11:11 he actually plays what I could tell is a ladder game!

Holy poop. Hadn't got to that point in the video!

And here is the main post for the video https://linustechtips.com/topic/1367504-my-new-gaming-monitor/page/2/

I wonder how many new players will join after seeing this.

Never Fear, A Geek is Here!

is it just me or did he not mention FAF to get to faforever.com ? I fear people will buy it in steam add not know…

There was a post with the username Linustechtips and I wondered if that was him, must be

he gose by LinusTech On Faf

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Maybe his account could have a verified tick or something.

Never Fear, A Geek is Here!

@thecore He could be given some kind of avatar. If he and FAF admins wanted it that way, he could get a custom avatar of his show's logo.

@arma473 i support the ava idea

@banani Untitled.png
This fits so well.

Never Fear, A Geek is Here!

I think we should treat him as any other member of this community - remember that he is here to enjoy his spare time, just like all of us are.

Unless I can have my own avatar too, of course 😎 .

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

It's an exclusive club, and you're not in it @Jip

But seriously, you have made a number of maps, so you are probably eligible for an avatar of some kind

For winning the last mapping tournament 😎 .

But on a serious note, that is beyond the point of my post 😛

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

If we give him an Ava, he's not required to use it. He could turn it on or off. It would be a small gesture of appreciation for the positive attention he has brought us.

Imo once you find supcom on steam it’s pretty easy to find FAF. Like, I ended up here from SupCom 2 for Christ’s sake.

@jip said in FAF on Linus Tech Tips!:

Unless I can have my own avatar too, of course 😎 .

Dev team badges and avatars when?

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@thecore haha this is it

I'm really liking the subtle hints too