FAF No Sound Problem


When I start a game, the first 5 mins or so everything is fine, but then all sounds turn off. I've been nuked twice without even knowing because there's no sound. I just play in complete silence. Sometimes the music comes back for like a minute then goes off, it does this throughout the game.

Things I've tried: Restarting my PC, verify my files on Steam, updated the launcher, Uninstall/Reinstall the base game and the FAF client, no luck. I tried going into my bios but couldn't find what to disable.

Please help.


@breezy1 There is a "sound bug" that manifests as: every unique sound will play only once.

The first time a striker fires a shot, you hear it. But after that, every striker shot is silent. Etc.

Here is a thread that may have some solutions for you:



@arma473 Already saw that post, no luck.


My solutions to that exact problem are in that thread. Either disable on board audio in bios then restart and re-enable it, or reinstall drivers. The first solution is quickest if you can find the right bios screen


@reckless_charger everytime I press f8 to go into BIOS I get the ASUS Bios which I'm unfamiliar with.


@breezy1 I don't know where the audio chipset setting is in the asus bios. But you could try google for your bios version. Or just click around usually it is somewhere in the chipset settings.


I can't remember the fix(unfortunately) but i think i know the cause; play in FAF then try to play in Steam(jump between them), sound issues ensue....at least this is what happened to me.


i had problems with sounds in cracked version of game


If you really can't find the setting by exploring the bios menus in a logical fashion then google the motherboard and download (and read) the manual.