After losing game, player made death threats in chat.

After losing game, a player used very vile language and made death threats in chat.

Did a report on it.

Is there a way to forward chat snapshot to local authorities?
I am in Canada and he is in the UK.

This is definitely reportable behavior, but I don't really think you should be concerned for your safety due to the aforementioned reason, among other reasons...

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Yeah I mean you can screenshot anything you want and send it to anyone you want I suppose. Nothing stopping you. But not sure sending a stupid one off threat to the authorities is the way to go here especially given you're in different countries. Now if he's repeatedly harassing you it's a bit different I guess. Just make sure it's reported to the FAF mods and they'll take care of it

I think you should report it just in case. Unfortunately, time has proven again and again that distance does not stop insane/terrible people from getting """revenge""" for something so petty as a game.

Yes, this is totally unacceptable behavior. You can report this here:

Yeah there has been swatting done because of games and I think physical harm has been done over distances

Thank you for your report. As Morax has said, such behavior is unacceptable and will be handled with extreme prejudice.

Do you guys have chat log?

You can look at the replay in the replay history and at the bottom click the button that says "Download more information" can see the full chat from there

Just enjoy it.

Do you realise you made a grown-up adult cry how hard you crushed him?

Well we are restricted to reports,and you have already made The report, not sure if it's realistic to get him irl, though we did everything possible on our side, no worries

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

I understand, however I do not take death threats lightly

If it happens again, the outcome will be different.

Guys I just checked the status report
it says my report was discarded because of evidence...


Btw, you aren't allowed to discuss moderation decisions on public forums.

I was told here that the issue was dealt with but in report tool it was discarded.

I have evidence.

Basically I want to know how the community is protected from toxic players...

MLWATKK I've already PMed you about your report. If you're unhappy with the decision we can discuss it further there.

RandomWheelchair is right, we don't allow moderation issues to be discussed publicly for privacy reasons. If you continue to do so I'll have to lock the thread.

Did you PM here or on the FAF website?

Think you should just stop being a snowflake and man up. I don't think someone making a flippant threat is such as issue. It would be different if the person had shown actual intent to do something, then it's clearly breaking the law of whatever jurisdiction they are in, and from a personal standpoint, the person is showing themselves to be a morally dubious person but taking action when someone makes idle threats, to me strikes of coming across like a young child. There used to be a phrase for situations like this: "sticks and stones"

.... just my personal opinion.