150€ King of Crazyrush Tournament

Hello and welcome to King of Crazyrush, a 1v1 Double Elimination Tournament that will determine once and for all who is the best Crazyrush player.

All matches will be a BO1 on crazyrush. All standard tournament rules apply, 1500 unit cap, draws are replayed, players are seeded by ladder rating, no faction veto will be used.

This tournament is sponsored by Pryanichek. Thanks to them for supporting this event.

Date: July 31st
Start Time: 14:00 UTC
Chat: /join #crazyrush
Challonge: https://challonge.com/2culqng1
Tournament Directors: TBD

Prize Pool:
150€ Total
1st - 80€ - King of Crazyrush avatar
2nd - 40€ - Prince of Crazyrush avatar
3rd - 20€
4th - 10€

Final Results:
1st - Paralon
2nd - Petric
3rd - Tagada
4th - Wifi_

All players 1500+ ladder rating are guaranteed a spot. If there are more than 16 1500+ rated players signed up, a 32 player bracket will be used, otherwise a 16 player bracket will be used.

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  1. Tagada 2390
  2. Petric 2360
  3. Tex 2275
  4. Paralon 2210
  5. TheWheelie 2122
  6. ZLO 2064
  7. Blast_Chilled 1921
  8. YUNG-96Noob 1920
  9. archsimkat 1869
  10. Free_Francias 1836
  11. harzer99 1789
  12. Rezy-Noob 1769
  13. Wifi_ 1760
  14. Nightmare 1752
  15. GrunttiNoob 1733
  16. Neytron 1570
  17. Javi 1406
  18. Exselsior 1316
  19. CaptainKlutz 670
  20. Alina-Kiss 276
  21. Aid 0

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