Increase Ladder Unit Cap

The unit cap in ladder games should be increased. On maps like Seton's Clutch the mexes and storages alone take up 1/4 of the 1000 unit cap. Most of the time the 'Unit Cap Reached' window does not even pop-up and it takes some time to realize that none of your factories are producing anything because you are at the unit cap. In team games the unit cap can go much higher, and you also get your dead teammates unit cap added on when they die.

I agree with Thomas
Since around 3 months I started hosting all my Custom 1v1's with 1.5k unit cap for the reasons stated above.
If you would like an example:
In the later stages of the game the unit cap caused both me and Turbo a lot of headache and made the game much less enjoyable. Instead of being able to focus on microing my 40k mass worth of navy I needed to go around the map looking for non essential buildings and units to ctr k so I can spend my 600 income.

Sadly my stream of this game is not archived so I can't show my POV but I remember that when I first reached Unit Cap I am pretty sure the message did not pop up and compared to original FA there is no Audio message saying "you've reached the unit cap". I legit spent couple minutes trying to figure out why my Naval Yard is not producing thinking it was a pathfinding issue.

Don't really see a reason not to do this. I think the limit is mostly there to limit slow down, but that's not such a big concern in 1vs1.

Agree, raise the cap. The only reason for the cap is to avoid having the game slow down/crash. But that won't happen in a 1v1 even if both sides have 1500 units. There is no downside to raising the cap, only upside.

@thomashiatt Wow, concerns with AI are holding back this merge? That's crazy. I love AI but I feel this PR should take priority over putting AI in ladder. Do this, then put the AIs in after updating them.

Really, putting AI in ladder is a whole different can of worms that I'm going to be pondering now.

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@kalethequick said in Increase Ladder Unit Cap:

Wow, concerns with AI are holding back this merge? That's crazy.

Well, the AI is part of the game and gamechanges should also respect the AI.

And if you thing this is crazy; i needed almost 1 year in 2016-2019 to repair the ingame AI. All issues where from patches that don't take the AI into account.

Just as example; new units like the T3 mobile AA introduced in 2014 where not added to the AI, platoontemplates where not patched when units change their tier like T3/T4 artillery, AI was not able to use/build support factories ... and so on.

Much work only because people think, AI can be done later.

Last but not least, the autolobby.lua that was changed in the PR from FtXCommando to patch the unitcap is the same script we use for testing the AI.
Do you see the irony?

@Uveso Thank you for dropping in.

I've closed the issue in question - the default unit cap remains 1000. With a recent PR introduced by Askaholic and Blackyps we can now dynamically set the game options with the server. There we can inflate this number as required for ladder, without affecting the test setup of the AI developers. This will be available when TMM 3v3 / 4v4 is, and that shouldn't be too far out anymore.

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