Creating a mod - Template for Mass Storage

Hey Guys,

im not familiar with mod editing / creation, but i would love to have a mod, which lets you put 4 Mass Storage around a Mass field. Something like a Template, where 4 Mass Storages can be Planned by one is soo annoying to set up every single field, im thinking about that for years...Anyone has an idea how to realise it?

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pretty sure there is a setting in option that enables those templates so you don't need to make a mod for it

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I'm quite sure there is an option in the settings that allows you to queue up the mass storage with double click on the mex.
And if you are not a fan of it then you can make your own template. Just build 4 mass storages around the mex, select them and then save them as template.

There is also an option in settings to enable feature that lest you queue storages by right clicking t2 or t3 mass extractor.
However you will probably still need storage template in case you need to put storages over damaged mass extractor.

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Ahh nice...Thanks for your fast answers, i'll definetely try it when im home! Would be so cool! 🙂

If you make a template just with the storages, it will be offset, since the centre will be one of the storages
But if you make it with T1 mex, you will have it centred. T1 mex so it can be build with any engineer