Is there a way to get out of the Galactic colossus faster when the attack is forbidden for 20 minutes?

no rush time 20 mins,Is there any way to produce the Galactic colossus in about 16 minutes under this condition?

I was slightly faster
You can see I used a good trick that you didn't use (reclaim t2 mex, build t3 mex in its place) and a really rotten trick that you didn't use (reclaim t3 mex, because why not? i don't need to end the game with any t3 mexes, i just need to get the GC up ASAP)

I may have overbuilt t1 pgens. Also I thought it might be more efficient to just stick with t2 pgens, but i'm not sure, because i did run into energy problems. I would have to watch the replay to check the math to see if it would make sense to build a second t3 mex. (probably it would, whether or not i was going to reclaim them later)

I watched arma's attempt and tried myself a few more times. 17 minutes is pretty typical, so 16 minutes is probably possible given some more attempts, but not much faster
Decided to stop after 2 t3 mexes.
16:20 on 1rst try without ctrl+k-ing mass extractors

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I think there is a lot to learn from that very simple challenge.

  • Upgrade things one by one, not all at the same time
  • T3 mex costs mass (of course) but also a lot of E, so you need not to forget t2 pgens
  • You need a lot of build power for t3 stuff, so always make engis when you scale up
  • and of course basic eco stuff, balancing the mass bar, not making too much E, reclaim ... etc

Could be valuable to host some mini challenges like this for newcomers 🙂

Or even program some kind of scenario
Decided to stop ecoing after 2 t3 mexes, probably could have stopped earlyer.
16:20 on 1rst try without ctrl+k-ing mass extractors
and i has some weird BO issues at the beginning and was wasting power... so surely can be impoved futher

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Merged the two threads

I did it in 15:38.

15:00 should be easily doable with... some... practice

just recalim your own base ezpz

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like: