Reveal positions v.2 [UI][EXPLOIT][BANNABLE]


Original mod author - Myxir

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Reworked Reveal positions v.2


  • Added player factions colored by his army color
  • Line below nickname colored by his army color
  • Invisible button


  • i thought about faction icons without black background, but it seems it is impossible to do that i want via code, another method is paint textures for each color it is 4 factions * 20 colors = 80 icons... No way..... xD
  • i also thought about colored nickname, but it looks cool only for half colors and also will depends on map color


Additional information:

  • If anyone want delete line below the nickname use this instruction:
    go to \Mods\Reveal positions\hook\lua\ui\game open gamemain then press ctrl+f and search for posMarker.separator and comment 8 lines by adding -- at the beginning and code will looks like:

    -- posMarker.separator = Bitmap(posMarker)
    -- posMarker.separator:SetTexture('/mods/Reveal positions/textures/')
    -- posMarker.separator.Left:Set(posMarker.nickname.Left)
    -- posMarker.separator.Right:Set(posMarker.nickname.Right)
    -- posMarker.separator.Height:Set(1)-- |nickname|
    -- LayoutHelpers.Below(posMarker.separator, posMarker.nickname, 3)-- 3px
    -- posMarker.separator:SetSolidColor(armyData.color)-- |line|
    -- posMarker.separator:DisableHitTest()

Nice, simple and pretty mod. Quite happy with it.
Two suggestions.

  • Automatically disable naming locations when spawns are randomised (not-revealed) and when the game is not a replay. This is because the mod incorrectly allocates names to locations and if it did correctly identify locations, then that would be cheating. As it currently is it results in confusion, but is otherwise harmless.
  • Allow scroll zooming when the mouse curser is over the name plate.


  1. Okay
  2. Can`t say if it is perhaps. Because on this marker exist "invisible" button that u need to click to hide the marker. Other way it will be not clickable but will allow scroll zooming

It would be much better to see the rating as well. Also the same for team mates.

@Zokora About ratings for enemy - easy
About ratings for teammates - sounds difficult need to write some code
I will think about that

Does this work for random spawns? Because if so it's an explicitly banned exploit:

"Using a mod (or any other way) on a map with random spawns that shows exactly which player has which start point and faction"

@Deribus i don`t know. The main code is written my Myxir a long time ago. I just edited the interface view.
If so, i will block for random games and queues late. Do not have time right now

the mod will not work with random positions, which was actually introduced to counter it (and the manual position check that evolved by the sentoners, which inspired me to write it)
currently the mod is only useful with non-random positions, that are not revealed (via lobby setting)

<-- washy



Thought this was a banned mod due to you have to use the one ingame

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" - Spock

Looks nice.

  • Would be nice if it autodisabled in a 1v1. It is not useful in ladder.
  • Would be nice if it was only on 1 screen. It appears on both of my monitors, which is not useful to me.