I can't hear some of the Audio or other Sound issue. What should I do?

44800 HZ DVD quality works but it sounds different, the levels of audio are different which you can get adjusted to but it's annoying. I will try out downloading drivers later today.

Recently I lost a lot of sounds after a Windows update (in particular mantis firing). This has happened previously for me. In the past I found that disconnecting and reconnecting my headphones resolved the issue, but not in this case. I had to totally reinstall motherboard manufacturer recommended audio drivers (from ASUS). Unfortunately they come bundled with Sonic Studio and Sound Radar which even when all audio enhancements are turned off and sound is set to stereo still results in crashes with XACT sound errors in the log. I resolved this by completely uninstalling Sonic Studio and sound radar crap. Thought I'd post in case anyone else has similar issues.

For me it was some msi bloatware called nahimic that installed itself that messed with my projectile sounds. Removing it from startup and deactivating the virtual sound device in device manager fixed it. Maybe thats a new thing since it just happend to me last week after running the pc for 1.5 years

It's very common for unspecified Windows updates to reset audio hardware and other settings. Recently (last 6 months or so) they've introduced a new option for psuedo-surround sound which is playing havoc with Forged Alliance. Best advice - goto your hardware manager and remove (disable) all the extra sound devices you don't use. Remember, many monitors have built-in audio capability these days, and as was pointed out above, a lot of headsets use 'virtual surround' drivers that have a lot to do with frequent crashes.

I have the same problem, the sounds disappear. I set the settings correctly, completely reinstalled faf, but still no sounds(

It's not FAF. You need to reinstall audio drivers

I also got this error out of the blue and a simple uninstall of Nahimic seems to have fixed it. The internet tells me I might need to do it again if some random update reinstalls it on me, but just thought I'd bump this thread for the next MSI motherboard user.

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For missing sounds you can also try disabling and then reenabling audio in your bios (restart between). This worked for me (and it's quicker than reinstalling drivers)

is there a way too save the keybindings ? i realy dont want too set that up again, only too realise i forgot one or two of them in the middle of a game.

keybindings are safed in your game.prefs file. In general, its a good idea to have a backup of that file, especially if you need to delete it. Than you can copy paste your keybindings from the old to the new game.pres file.

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@deletethis and @tastsu, i believe the "enable audio enhancements" box should not be ticked

Hello everyone, unfortunately I have a BUG in the COOP Campinmode. All FIX sounds and music are played, but no dialogs. This bug is purely related to Supcom 1, not in Forge Allience. pls help.

you mean you're not playing via FAF?

The dialogues are skipped due to copyright issues. FAF doesn't check whether you have base Supcom, only FA and therefore the original campaigns skip all cutscenes/voice dialogues.

Vielen Dank f├╝r die schnelle R├╝ckmeldung. Ich habe beide Spiele, Supcom und Addon. Beide sind auch installiert. Supcom auch nur wieder, um den Bug auf den Grund zu kommen ^^.

@tatsu ich zocke schon ├╝ber FAF. Den Coop Mode zocke ich, um es einem Kumpel n├Ąher zu bringen. Daher bin ich auf mein Problem gesto├čen.

@angelofd347h, in den Missionen wird doch in jeder Map einige Dialoge eingespielt (diese meine ich) da wie gesagt, habe ich leider nur eine Audioausgabe forged alliance.