Soul Ripper

I have been playing around in sandbox and thought I would compare some units.

It turns out 20 Cybran Gunships is the equivalent in mass but hase no where near the same dps

also the combined hp of 20 gunships is 118,00 compared to the rippers 75000

so my question is, what role does a soul ripper have? if it is completely out performed buy its t3 counterpart?gfjsryjsry.jpg

The picture demonstrates the dps of t3 gunships compared to the week ripper, the gc on the right still has 65000 hp

T3 gunships are more expensive on energy but seeing as having a large air grid also means lots of energy i dont see this as being an issue

20 t3 gunships when they learn what aoe is and take 5x the dps from t3 aa

also what happens to said dps when i do 15k damage to the t3 gunships vs 15k damage to the soul ripper

@lowki Soul Ripper is good when you have air control. but i dont like it.

Soul Ripper exists to inefficiently leverage an advantage elsewhere in the game like a lane win or eco advantage into a strategic air asset that can tip the scales in a future clash or to punish experimentals that aren’t given air support. Feel like it’s not stellar by design. The best advantage it has is that you don’t need T3 Air fac to make it, just T3 engies

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

I don't Soul Ripper enough to comment on its advantages over Wailers, but none of the experientals are efficient if you look at alternatives

Soul Ripper 1,738 75,000
19 Wailers 4,773 112,100
Ahwassa 2,565 52,000
13 Strats 4,875 50,700
Monkeylord 4,520 45,000
16 Bricks 5,124 120,000
3 Tempests 3,669 180,000
8 Omens 4,320 384,000

That's not to say you should never make experimentals, it's just to point out that looking at the DPS or HP per mass is not a particularly useful metric.

@Deribus thats interesting, I would have assumed the opposite was true

I'm pretty sure that's true at every level. t1 is more mass efficient than t2, t2 more than t3, t3 more than t4. This is also why you can't balance purely off of a spreadsheet though, there's so much more to it.