$350 BigBrain 1x1 Tournament

Hello and welcome to BigBrain, the 1v1 tournament that will determine once and for all whose mind can unite all factions!


Date: 12th May.
Start Time: 14:00 UTC
Chat: /join #BB
Challonge: https://challonge.com/ru/rc14syv0
Tournament Directors: Skrat
https://www.twitch.tv/stellartactician (eng) - 2k player, commenting
https://www.youtube.com/@Robogear (ru) - 2k player, commenting
https://www.youtube.com/@aranei5524 (ru) - broadcast with TD
https://www.youtube.com/@vena5941/featured (ru) - tournament participant
https://www.youtube.com/@banani2421 (ru) - tournament participant
https://www.twitch.tv/furkotya (ru) - YOW clan leader broadcast
https://www.youtube.com/@ZLO_FAF (ru/eng) - tournament participant
https://www.youtube.com/@blinchik6830 (ru) - tournament participant
https://www.twitch.tv/yudi_dddddd (eng) - tournament participant

Prize Pool:
1st: $200 + BigBrain avatar 325_.png
2nd: $100 + Faction face/logo avatar
3rd: $50 + Faction logo/Tournament participant avatar
Special Prizes:
Explosion Master avatar explode.png
Avatar for the most epic explosion at the tournament (any explosion, the winner will be chosen by voting)!

Donated by:
$270 -Dorset
$80 - Skrat
I can pay Russians and any other country.
If you have a desire to increase the prize pool. Contact Skrat on the official FAF Discord

This tournament will be played with the ALLFactionsFixed mod enabled ( you need to turn on prebuild units for this mod to work )
Attention! This mod gives you 4 commanders of all factions on the spawn instead of 1. Nothing more!

Снимок экрана (1437).png
Снимок экрана (1434).png

Tournament Format
It will be a double-elimination tournament with most rounds being BO1 except for Semi-Final and the Final of the winners bracket as well as the Final of the losers bracket being played in a BO3 format.

All standard tournament rules apply, 1500 unit cap, players are seeded by random, no faction veto will be used. If you are late by more than 10 min you will be disqualified.

Draws are replayed. In the case of a DC, the game is replayed if it happens before minute 5. Special exceptions can be made at the discretion of the TD.

Additional rule! If less than 4 players with 2k+ rating sign up for the tournament, the tournament will only be for players with less than 2k rating (to keep things interesting)

Map Pool:

Crazy Backtrack (slot 1vs2)
Daroza's Sanctuary (slot 1vs2)
Eye of the Strom - FAF Version (slot 1vs2)
The Pyramid V2 (slot 1vs2)
Adaptive Obelisk Peak (slot 1vs2)
Wonder open 5v5 v3b (slot 7vs8)
Open palms (slot 1vs2)
Vya-3 (slot 1vs2)
Phenom Spartiate v2 (slot 3vs4)
Pina Colads (slot 3vs4)
Forbidden Pass - FAF version (slot 1vs2)
White Fire - FAF version (slot 1vs2)

mapgen 15x15 (tournament setting, 4 spawns)

Crossfire Canal - FAF version (slot 1vs2)
The Bermuda Locket - FAF version (slot 1vs2)
Painted Desert (slot 3vs4)
Setons Clutch - FAF version (slot 3vs4)
Selkie Isle (slot 3vs4)

Registration closes 1 hour before the start of the tournament

When signing up, please state:
-Nickname, Current 1x1 rating

Sign up by posting below or pm me on discord

  1. Chisato 2219
  2. Lunyshko 2171
  3. Pavor- 2048
  4. ZLO 1972
  5. Unknow 1929
  6. FFF 1883
  7. Swatoslav 1852
  8. BlInChIk 1789
  9. Wifi_ 1788
  10. ddos_attack 1664
  11. Neytron 1559
  12. ysomanyratstho 1546
  13. Deli 1517
  14. TriPivaZ_ 1507
  15. Karateka 1506
  16. Gezeitenkraft 1370
  17. Nuggets 1293
  18. LoliChan 1164
  19. Bodexius 959

Sorry for my English. I use translator

If you will be streaming the tournament, please send me a message and I will add you to the broadcast list in the tournament post.

Sorry for my English. I use translator

banani 2k+, can only play on Sunday

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

Please write on which of the two days you can play (11 or 12 May). And we will choose the best date

Sorry for my English. I use translator

1v1 without faction rng 9606083f-cd14-4aa3-9dfa-5e9ac0f72667-image.png

@sladownoob time for crazy builds 😂

Sorry for my English. I use translator

Nuggets, 1293 rated. Prefer 11th, but can also play on 12th

Karateka 1506, prefer playing on Sunday, but also can on Saturday:)

“I object to intellect without discipline; I object to power without constructive purpose.” — Spock 🖖

ysomanyratstho 1546 11th of May is my preference

The tournament will be on May 12 at 14.00UTC!

Sorry for my English. I use translator

Wifi_ 1788

signing up 1741


FFF 1883

Sign me up pls

The bracket is created. https://challonge.com/ru/rc14syv0

Sorry for my English. I use translator

Map pool created. The maps were chosen according to the rule of avoiding the explosion of all 8 ACU on the mid

The maps will be displayed in the tournament bracket later.

Sorry for my English. I use translator

@skrat Это финальная сетка?

“I object to intellect without discipline; I object to power without constructive purpose.” — Spock 🖖

More systematic oppression of the 5x5 map gamers, FAF is so toxic these days.

Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this but I would like to donate to the prize pool so that the prizes are as follows

1st - $200
2nd - $100
3rd - $50

If this is acceptable please let me know how to make this happen. To be clear I am offering to fund the entire prize pool of $350. If the current funding is already in place then I will fund the balance. I don't use discord when I am away for work (near the Arctic circle) so I only use the forum app so please contact me here.