Is it only really me who finds the cybran t2 destroyer op?

I mean come on - it has the longest range, it can walk on land, it has the highest dps (which is actually really beneficial when dealing with spam), and also you can stealth the thing with a mermaid.

I expect people will respond with comments like the game is not Dual Gap, make t1 scouts, the other navy tiers balance it out, l2p etc. but be constructive instead.

Yeah it's just you.

See the other 3428932 threads about this topic on both the forums and Discord threads. And yes you're right, they key words will indeed include smth such as dodging, DualGap etc. and it makes sense cuz you can't say "I know this game is not balanced around this map, BUT [...]"

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Talking about all the reasons why it's not OP and how to negate its advantages is not being constructive?.... Not sure what else you're looking for here. The thing is pretty weak as soon as it comes out of the water. T1 scouts show you what faction your opponent is playing minutes into the game and will help you prepare for what's to come on top of negating the stealth affect of the mermaid. I'm no expert on this topic though because I suck at Navy and find DG boring so I tend to play map gen without much water.

Salem turns around, loses 80% of its dps, it also loses most of its dps with trivial micro of clicking slightly to the right and slightly to the left as you move in. If it was OP, you could rely on it as the mainline unit of your unit mix, instead it's a tool used to bait you into the actual mainline unit of your mix aka frigates.

@ftxcommando What the.........

You don't know sadness until your salem loses to a pair of coopers without even sinking one...

FTX got it right.

Vs players, the range is annoying but it's mostly fine. Vs AI, it can be an absolute terror. Face an M28 Cybran AI, you'll see. That thing will kite you across the planet.

@shagga when it comes on land its not near enough efficient masscostwise at land battles

"Good luck and a safe landing commanders!"

@shagga said in Is it only really me who finds the cybran t2 destroyer op?:

which is actually really beneficial when dealing with spam

i rank cybran destroyers as the worst to deal with (hover) spam lol
they're pretty inaccurate, have slow projectiles, and can't shoot well when retreating

The Salem is very strong when it’s well supported and microed by a pro and its very weak when not. You definitely can’t spam it to victory like Aeon or Seraphim destroyers

put the xbox units in the game pls u_u

The only times I can think of were myself or friends have used a Salem on land was to transfer them from one pond to another, impromptu point defense, or early siege tactics with some kind of backup. Direct assaults with these have never been good. Perhaps if the torpedo launcher doubled as a short range rocket on land, but that's just getting weird.