Crash with Exit code 1

Hi all,

Ive been playing FAF for a number of years with no issues. Suddenly crashing on creating a game, both co-op and custom.

Error popup says: crashed, check with exit code 1


I have had several other codes with 9 digits but haven't been able to replicate those errors

I have reinstalled both the steam version of forged alliance, and the FAF client. I have also tried moving the map/mod directory to C drive, and D drive, instead of Onedrive.

any help would be greatly appreciated


I believe a fix has been found and will be released today or tomorrow.
meanwhile you can host your own custom games on the faf develop game type, if that works, then the fix in the release will also work for your issue.

There was a fix deployed a few moments ago about an exit-code issue; Do you still encounter a crash? If so, please share a new log. Thank you in advance.

Latest fix has solved it. No issues anymore.

Well done, and thank you so much for everything you do to keep this game alive. Its a real pleasure to play