Generated maps keep disappearing

@peter_lustich3 i am not 100% sure but:
you can regenerate map if you know its name, seed to generate the map is in the map name

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@zlo said in Generated maps keep disappearing:

you can regenerate map if you know its name, seed to generate the map is in the map name

That works if you can log in to FAF.

I chose the "Play Offline" option and I didn't see any way to re-generate a map.

i don't think you need to edit the scmap just rename and change references

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If you are talking about Neroxis generated maps, I worked through this the other day with the help of Arma and a handful of other folks (thanks guys!). I have a bat file that renames the folder/files, find/replaces the file content references, and hex edits the scmap all in one go. It does everything Arma listed for you. MadMax, you have to edit the scmap or the map doesn't load correctly once you launch a game on it. Textures do not load.

If you follow Arma's steps, you should be good to go.

if I find any map gen content uploaded to the vault it will be removed as it's against vault rules, consider this fair warning.

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Could there be an alternate vault for map gen content that's just settings and seeds?

There is a mapgen hall of fame channel on discord that is supposed to be exactly that. It didn't get too much traction though

@arma473 Wonderful, thank you for the detailed instructions. That is exactly what is was looking for. Well, I hoped it was a little bit less cumbersome, but it'll do 🙂

@blackyps whilst a great idea, a list of popular seeds would certainly have great value in it's own right, especially if integrated into the vault. it requires vault integration to get adequate attention and traction.

why are mapgen maps on the vault against the rules, who's idea was that?

obviously flooding the vault with mapgen maps would not be a good situation to get into,

however the rules seem to explicitly forbid using mapgen as the basis for a new map.

AI is a powerful tool when used creatively, instead of shoveling out what amounts to a list of seeds.

chatGPT maps when?

I'd love to have a button to save certain seeds locally.

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