Where are my wiki edits?

Apart from our wiki engine being horrible, 99% of my edits were deleted or lost. Can anyone explain?

I am starting to think of making my own FAF wiki on fandom.com, without an edit wall.

There was a restructure of the wiki pages, so old links might be broken. Is it this, or are edits on pages missing?

I try searching "overcharge" or "SACU", and nothing comes out, my profile page says I did not create any pages, and have like 2 edits.

Are these supposed to be dedicated pages?

@blackyps I remember creating them, and a lot more pages.

There right here:

You can see your name pop up. The files likely got renamed or moved around at some point. Github doesn't properly track the history of those files

edit: it appears some files got deleted, one by yourself and some by Rowey. See also:

Not sure why that is

A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned

Great. I spent time moving SACU upgrades data into that page, and Rowey just deletes it. I also don't remember deleting anything. Why would I delete the page on Sacrifice after I spent time exploring how it works?

Relax, I am sure that he didn't delete it to spite you. In fact it looks like it could very well have been an accident. A lot of pages got deleted on June 3rd where a lot of pages got moved around. I guess he meant to move them but accidentally deleted them instead

So, will Rowey reply, or do I just abandon the wiki?

Rowey "retired" three weeks ago from making contributions to FAF - https://forum.faforever.com/topic/6312/time-to-move-on

Who admins the wiki now?

@melanol Seems like a Jip thing rn. But he is away for a few days. Im sure he will help u once he is back.