aeon arty double dmg ?


anyone noticed how aeon t3 arty does double dmg sometimes now ?

when you look at shield it takes regular dmg and then after half second it takes dmg again , at this replay (#19470591) you can see how 1 aeon arty take fully charged sera shield in 2 shots ...
there is another replay with exactly that (#19470745), 2 guys shooting each other with aeon arties ... been seeing this quite a lot recently sadly


Aeon arty always dealt 2 instances of damage. It's 12k alpha split into two 6k damage pulses on hit.


if that was true why ever build mavor then , 16k dmg vs aeon arty 12k dmg but 3x prize ...


yea been looking at this too ... 6000 total dmg , where is that 12000 damage ?
it would explain dps tho but still i got like 4k games and never saw this double dmg before 😞


Spooky database doesn't show damage over time pulses.


@trueretard the dps value takes the DoT into account but the dmg value doesn't. Also true for splitting projectiles, like in the aeon T4 arty.