aeon arty double dmg ?

anyone noticed how aeon t3 arty does double dmg sometimes now ?

when you look at shield it takes regular dmg and then after half second it takes dmg again , at this replay (#19470591) you can see how 1 aeon arty take fully charged sera shield in 2 shots ...
there is another replay with exactly that (#19470745), 2 guys shooting each other with aeon arties ... been seeing this quite a lot recently sadly

Aeon arty always dealt 2 instances of damage. It's 12k alpha split into two 6k damage pulses on hit.

if that was true why ever build mavor then , 16k dmg vs aeon arty 12k dmg but 3x prize ...

yea been looking at this too ... 6000 total dmg , where is that 12000 damage ?
it would explain dps tho but still i got like 4k games and never saw this double dmg before 😞

Spooky database doesn't show damage over time pulses.

@trueretard the dps value takes the DoT into account but the dmg value doesn't. Also true for splitting projectiles, like in the aeon T4 arty.

t3 aeon arty is unbalanced . everybody knows it nobody fix it. 2 aeon t3 artys vs 3 cyb artys. eaon wins. shitty hives shitty shields totaly inaccurate. ..

yeah yeah i know... it matters just for gap

Just play more 1v1 !

The embodiment of depression...

@hoschmosch Cybrans have too much "Surprise, motherfucker!". Utilize. Their shields are crap for a reason => strong elsewhere.

I have no problem with Telemazer being twice as expensive as it is now, as long as the Artys are balanced. And besides, with a dozen T1 towers, the "surprise motherfucker" would be taken care of directly.

@melanol cybran stealth is 1% "surprise motherfucker!" and 99% "dang guess i gotta make a t1 air scout stream"

shields having low HP is also not an inherent weakness if it means they cost less & have lower buildtime, because they'll be more spammable
unfortunately cybran shields cost the most which is a little silly

i agree with hoschmosch though, aeon t3 arty has the most dps and has insanely high alpha damage which obviously makes it better at breaking through shields, and is the most accurate and all this for only 1.67% increased mass cost compared to uef, the 2nd highest dps t3 arty

CYB: 3700 dmg 480 dps 69600 mass
UEF: 5500 dmg 550 dps 72000 mass
AEON: 12000 dmg 600 dps 73200 mass
SERA: 5000 dmg 500 dps 70800 mass

looking at these stats its ridiculous even uef gets 10% more dps for 1.69% increased mass cost compared to sera, and then cybran also gets the short end of the stick whilst being the most inaccurate on top of all this

"but cybran were always meant to be weak defensively"

Being cybran in an artillery duel is a recipe for disaster.
Their t3 pgens being made of paper also doesn't help.

This is not Starcraft. The faction differences in Supcom are more of an aesthetic nature rather than functional, with a few exceptions. Only the values and occasional bonuses differ. Your Monkeylord with the values of a GC would make the units completely interchangeable. If a faction is weaker within a weapon category, such as artillery, it should at least have better shields as a counterbalance. However, Eon even has better shields. The price difference is marginal and doesn't play a significant role in the stage where a T3 artillery is built.

As FAF has only been in existence for 13 years, it is not meant as a criticism towards the balancing team.

Difference in FAF obviously isn't aesthetic based on how tournaments play out.

@ftxcommando what do u mean

If faction was aesthetic rather than functional then dudes would just random in tournaments, pretty clear you don't do that because some maps favor some factions and that competitive edge matters when you hold other factors equal.

sure they are examples. and like i said there are exeptions. but you are confusing functionality with weighting.