Make snipers use E to shoot/reload their weaponry.


Identify a problem: Sniper bots are currently overcrowding the mid and late T3 stage. Making it so producing percies or even bricks is often nothing but asking to lose as those units are gonna get kited to death by the snipergruppe.
It even comes to the point that later on you can totally forget about making anything but shield + sniper combo as nothing is gonna come close to your deathball. Not only killing the unit diversity of opposing factions but also the faction itself where the no-brain shield+sniper just outperforms mainline T3 units which I think should be part of the land game until very late game where Rambo bois come out + experimentals.

Showcase the problem: Honestly any bigger game with open enough space can be seen to produce unhealthy amounts of the snipergruppes into the mid and late T3 stage. I believe there are many cases that have been seen over the last few months as such I will refrain from scrounging up random replays.

Solution: Due to the overreliance on shield spam I would like to propose introducing E cost to running it's main weaponry. Making it so it's way harder to maintain the snipergruppe shielded at all times unless you actually invest into T3 power.

Justify: It gives the balance team a brand new lever to deal with the obnoxious sniper spam and makes it so if player doesn't scale his power properly he is risking losing all the shields after a group of 30 snipers fire at once and also losing DPS as he enters a power stall.

I also don't think it's unheard thing to do considering we already have stuff like ravagers or t2 and t3 arty take E to shoot. It's also showed off to run just fine in SCTA mod so it is certainly possible to implement.


Harbs just get crushed by bricks, percies, experimentals, or anything else in the game, so you reluctantly have to spam snipers and shields and babysit them. Harbs already use power, and you would still have to spam mobile shields with them to have any chance, lets make every unit for the whole faction energy dependent. Aeon has the worst combat SACUs, their t3 mobile arty is garbage, the GC used to be pretty bad until Jip broke it, but it will probably get nerfed and be bad again, it just gets countered by bricks and percies too, so whats the point. Only thing good is the new Czar, but it's getting nerfed imminently as well. Every Aeon unit past the t2 stage is garbage except for sniper spam, so that's what you get. Sad times.


wow thomas, it’s just like uef late game sucks besides titans u gotta babysit fr fr

Ah, UEF has 2nd best combat SACUs so it’s totally diff, especially since GCs were always great against combat SACUs.