I love walls, can we get a T2 version?

Walls are the most OP unit in the game, tough as hell and a valuable asset to any player with the wit to use them intelligently. I was just thinking, somewhat seriously, could we get T2 walls? Similar to T1 in that they block direct fire from units at their level and you could surround T2 pd with them.

they get reclaimed almost instantly
but there're mods out there for different tiers of walls

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

Too bad you can't build them close to map edges.

If they’re OP, why would you implement a better version of them

Kinda like shields.

There are already weird problems with walls, like units sometimes shooting the wall behind a PD before shooting the PD. (Maybe it got fixed by tweaking the size of hit boxes.) Adding another size of wall sounds problematic.

Also, T2 walled PD could make gun ACU push vs PD too hard.

I remember an add-on unit in Total Annihilation called a "Bertha Shelter Wall". It was a long, tall wall segment that could soak a lot of damage. Something like that sounds fun.

if T2 walls can protect T2 pd, they can protect just about anything, probably even an acu lol. sounds a bit OP

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