How useful is EMP?

After trying Chrono Dampeners in survival and seeing how a swarm of T1 Aeon bombers miss their targets because of EMP, I know question the usability of it.

Basically, it lets enemy units evade shots, and the stun time is so small, it feels like you are helping the enemy.

Maybe increase offline time?


Fuck no, it deserves a nerf for how bullshit it is, not a buff.

I noticed with medusa that it can make them miss more due to it making units stop moving where other medusa shots would have landed on their current path. It's basically introducing stop micro. Dont know what could be done about this. The emp units like the bomber and medusa give up a lot of damage to have a stun.

Maybe don’t use scripted survival games (don’t even have an ai really) for your ideas on game balance.

@ftxcommando It just shows how Chrono helps enemy units evade a lot of hits.

Chrono in its current form turns any t2 push into a waste of mass so long as your ACU is in front of it. It’s probably the most powerful ACU upgrade in the game atm.

@ftxcommando OK, whatever. How about T1 Aeon bombers and T1 Cybran artillery? They miss a lot due to EMP.

Who cares if medusa miss when I’m playing Aeon? Shouldn’t even factor into balance discussions.

With t1 bombers I have no idea what the interaction is because I’ve never seen anybody use chrono and t1 bombers. If you were gonna use air you might as well as use Aeon gunships. But regardless, one bad interaction is not a reason to buff the most OP upgrade in the game. Play around it. You have tons of tools to do it.

Not only is Chrono Dampener "usable", it is one of the strongest upgrades in the game...

Chrono seriously needs a nerf

queuing with a newbie to show him the beauty of tmm and meeting tagada be like:

It's getting one

Aeon T1 bomber: You might think its EMP will be useful against T3 units: 10 T1 Aeon bombers attack a titan, 1 hits, EMPs the titan, 9 miss because of the EMP.

@melanol That cant happen because the bomber cant stun t3 units.

@chenbro101 Even less point in their hail-a-second EMP.

How about we give Aeon T1 bombers half a second longer EMP and its radius increased without changing damage radius? They already have almost 2 times less damage than UEF bombers.