Allow us to pick rating brackets for TMM


Please elaborate why you think that. And don't just look at the wait time charts. The current matchmaker is able to create games with 1800 rating difference. What do you think about that?


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The main issue is that solo queueing as an 1800+ is just absurdly risky because if 6 Masters/GMs are in queue solo, it is still highly possible the system wants to make a game with only 2 of those depending on the rest of the queue.

Uhh, so what is the absurd risk here? Not getting matched? That doesn't sound too severe. Am I missing something?

By absurd risk I mean that I personally would rather have no game over getting dumped into a game where I am 1800 with an 1800 enemy and then everyone else in the game is 1000-1200. Some people are fine with it, others aren’t. But that possibility is what stops me from queueing alone. I want a game where I feel like I can actually coordinate with my allies to accomplish something.


Or at least knowing you competent teammates you don't need to worry about.


Please, if you have something that can fix current situation, why we not test it on real scenario? Lets test each config every 2-3 days. Server must be restarted to use new config values?


Sheikah told me that changing the config values is not as easy as I hoped, so testing of a lot of configs is probably not feasible. We need a server release first to add the priorization of the people at the edge of the bell curve anyway.


Just my quick little take: I'm 2500 in 4v4 tmm right now. In the last few days i've been searching together with ftx who's 1800 and we found 0 games in 3 days of searching for a total of around 4/5 hours. Right now i've been searching for 30+ min and i'm not getting any games, while people around my rating but a little lower do find games:


With how it currently does the matching tmm is basically dead to me. I want to play it, but i literally cannot match because it favors adding a 1400 to a lobby like this (probably because he was searching for longer?) which means i have to wait until they finished this game until i can potentially match again.

This combined with the fact that you cannot play anything else while searching since it will crash the game on launch makes it almost impossible.

Don't want to complain to much, but i'm pretty sadboy about this

Edit: 1 hour in progressStreamlabs_OBS_UzvD8B4cRw.png

Searching with 1800 rated congreve which means average rating is 2150. Both got skipped for 2 1600's instead.


1.5 hours in the journey. 2 2.2k's got matched with 1.1k and 1.4k instead of me and congreve who average 2.1k


(Short note just for record: Gorthaur and I invited Thunder (the 1100) to the party in the last one. Not sure if it made a difference if we didn't invite him - no idea how the system handles that 4head)


I guess another problem is that people queue together, so the algorithm is limited in how it can make teams. For example a 3 people queuing team can only have a solo queuer in their team; that severly limits the possibilities. If everyone queued solo it would be a lot easier to match people.


@femtozetta force minimum and maximum rating that allowed to be invited based on party owner rating. -200 and +200


Just wanted to say that @BlackYps proposed changes look great (even though as a vaguely average player it mostly means slightly longer wait times).


Pull request is up:

If anyone knows python and could do a review, that would certainly accelerate things, as we are currenty a bit starved for manpower on the server project.